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Remember Me
Season 4, Episode 5

  • After Beverly greets an old friend onto The Enterprise, he becomes the first of many to mysteriously disappear from the ships compliment.
    Character Focus:
    • Beverly is the focus here as we spend most of the time with her as she is the one noticing people disappearing, and we later find out it's her that is experiencing the moment of her thought about people disappearing turned into reality at the moment the warp bubble flashed in Engineering.
    • Wesley is also very important here as he was the one who was running the experiment that went wrong and created this issue here. We haven't had a "It's Wesley's Fault!" episode for a while, not since 3.01 Evolution. At least he didn't create a new species this time, only a new reality that stole his mom!
    • We also have a reprisal of a guest star with The Traveller who appear back in 1.06 Where No One Has Gone Before, plus they also refer to Kosinski, but he's not on the episode although the experiments Wesley runs are based on his theories.
    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember this episode very well, and recognized it in the first 2 or so minutes when Beverly thanks O'Brien and leaves the transporter room with Doctor Dalen Quaice. I was like, OH! This is the one where everyone starts disappearing, and Beverly does and scientific analysis on the situation, and Wesley's Warp Bubble is the universe! And I was right!
    • I also remember the great descriptions Beverly gives of the crew members that disappear, it's a great subtle way to give a quick encapsulation of the characters and lets us know how well we know them because how easy it is to know their personality traits.
    • I was so impressed that Beverly out-logics the computer on the fact that she is the only person on the ship and that's normal, but she isn't qualified to actually carry out the ships mission.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • The entire cast does a great job with their performances, part of what makes this whole idea work is everyone thinking Beverly is occasionally off her rocker, but with a straight face. Not responding or acknowledging knowledge of crew members and events, it can't be easy and they do a great job - so much so that it's creepy!
    What feels different now, than then:
    • I think it's weird that this is the first Beverly-centric episode. How come it took all the way to Season 4 for that? Okay, okay she wasn't on Season 2 but still. I guess there is 3.12 The High Ground where she gets kidnapped, but that was more about the issue of the planet than her.
    • I realize and remember that this episode really scared me, and I think it was because the effect totally looks like an alien abduction scene and one first what you don't know what's going one which makes it all the more scary.

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    What remained the same:
    • O'Brien is awesome. One of my fave moments from this one is a totally off-handed one where O'Brien describes what he remembers about seeing Beverly in transporter room. He says that she says thanks, and he said "I said 'My Pleasure' or something". It's just a *moment*, but it's soooooo O'Brien, which is fabulous because at this point he's only on the show occasionally, but it's such a true character moment.
    • I still am confused over the whole question the computer shouldn't be able to answer of "What is the nature of the universe". My brain just goes fuzzy when I think about it.
    • I still laugh out loud near when Beverly flies through the portal and into Engineering and everyone folks to see if she's okay, totally bypassing and unconcerned about Wesley who has COMPLETELY collapsed! Poor Wes!
    What I see differently:
    • This one is a bit odd on a re-watch, as so much of it is a mystery but once you know what's going on I still find there was other things to enjoy about it. I also think it's a clever technique and observation, that so often we'd look at outside sources as the cause to the effect and not that we ourselves could be the cause.
    • I did think it was great to see how supportive everyone was of Beverly, and that they really did believe her. Troi in particular was awesome saying that who cares if they were a bit late to arriving somewhere, this is important too.
    Great Quotes:
    • "You know what the worst part of growing old is? So many of the people you've known all your life are gone; and you realize you didn't take the time to appreciate them while you still could." - Doctor Quaice
    • "Worf. Chief of Security. - The big guy who never smiles? The Klingon!" - Beverly
    • "The universe is a spheroid region 705 meters in diameter."- Computer
    Left off at:
    Beverly logics out that she is in the warp bubble Wesley created plus The Traveller from Tau Alpha C appears on The Enterprise and helps Wesley tap into this unique skill of being able to reach out past the mathematics of the equations to open a portal to get Beverly back. A new portal is created, Beverly takes the leap of faith and returns to the regular reality.

    Images Source: TrekCore


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