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World Domination Summit 2012 Wrap Up: Workshop

One of the most challenging decisions about World Domination Summit this year was which workshops to take, there were oodles and oodles of choices but alas we had to pick 4 and so I did. Actually, it wasn't that hard as I strongly prefer lecture format and know what I'm interested in, but you just never know which you will connect with and sometimes there are happy suprizes. I love happy surprizes.

If you want to see a list of all the WDS Leaders click here!

The Workshops I Attended....

Matthew Gartland: Indie Publishing Demystified: How Any Writer Can Prosper from the eBook Revolution

This workshop was the most different than I expected as I didn't think of ebooks as something read on an ereader (a device I don't even have!), but rather something read in PDF or printed (yes, I know, the trees..... but it's how I retain stuff!) format; and that was the context we were working with. But, huge realization as I never thought of non-fiction in this format either, every time I consider getting an e-reader it's always with a desire to read (lots) of fiction. Especially serialized fiction, and to be even more specific serialized paranormal romance fiction of which I've read and enjoyed tons but don't as much anymore because of the volume (and that I sadly don't go to the library as much). Anyhow, back on track to the workshop, which this particular point is actually quite relevant.

I got won over pretty quickly with the fabulous idea of the success of serialization in fiction and applying it to non-fiction, and creating a series of smaller works that lead into/cliffhanger/teaser into one another. So brilliant. And I really enjoyed Matthew as a workshop leader, I quickly connected to what he was saying and I loved all the Potter, LotR & Star Wars references, which lead into the great reminder of the power of self-identification in the hero journey; and was one of a several places this weekend where grafting your nonfiction work as your own hero story popped up. That really stuck.

See more about Matthew Gartland here.

Nathalie Lussier: The Female Advantage: How Women in Business & Technology Will Change Your World

I read the title of The Female Advantage: How Women in Business & Technology Will Change Your World and instantly knew I was going to take this workshop. Instantly. And then I got to meet Nathalie at Chris's $100 StartUp Book Tour stop in Toronto less than a month before WDS! So cool. I loved this workshop, and again it followed the trend of being a little different than I expected. As opposed to sharing 'this is how coding works' it was more about 'this is how women work, and why we ROCK', and I was totally into that. Nathalie has a great energy that's fun and frisky and savvy and smart all at the same time. She really rocked it out and I totally retained and retold stories from the workshop (something that can be a huge challenge for me, which is why I take a lot of notes). This workshop really shifted and enlightened my perspective and made me feel totally empowered. Loved it.

See more about Nathalie Lussier here.

Jennifer Lee: The Right Brain Business Plan: Turn Passion into Profit

With a huge change in focus for me recently, this was one of the workshops I was wondering how it would feel as I had no idea what business I would be thinking about. But I went in with an open heart and open mind and it went really, really, well! I actually had a great watershed moment of going "Oh, yeah...I get it now!", for something I knew in concept and then saw the impact in reality. Very valuable, and true moment that showcased that an open mind works wonders. Especially as I technically consider myself both left and right brained! Fabulous.

See more about Jennifer Lee here.

Above: Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields: The 10 Commandments of Epic Business

This was another workshop that I knew I would take in a heartbeat and I was so impressed by Jonathan Fields after seeing him at WDS last year. The odd thing was that then, and still now, I don't always agree with him but I find him completely engaging and he totally makes me think. And I like to think. A lot. And I find a lot of times when I hear speakers I either just agree or disagree, which is a great experience, but with Jonathan Fields I question what I think vs what he thinks. Totally different experience, and one I like to have in this kind of environment. And one of my favourite moments of the workshop, and truthfully of the entire weekend, was when he offhandedly said something was the most important thing; then he stopped for a beat and corrected himself to say that love & compassion were the most important things, and then continued to make his point. It was such a real moment.

See more about Jonathan Fields here.

Retrospectively, the workshops reminded me of course selection of when I went to OCA (The Ontario College of Art & Design), where the subject always felt slightly different depending on who your instructor was therefore it's often best to go with choosing the instructor over choosing the topic. This totally worked out this year as I really liked all the workshop leaders, and therefore enjoyed the workshops. This is even more lucky as when I actually picked the workshops to the time of WDS my perspective on what I want to focus on has completely changed, and that change is still process, but now I have tons to work with.

Going to the workshops also reminded me that I love being a cheerleader in the audience, or class. I like to get there early, be really present and literally sending cheering energy to the workshop leaders. It's so much fun! With so many amazing workshops being offered, but only be able to attend 4 I'm hoping to peruse though many of the sites of the other WDS Leaders to stay engaged and learn more about the different topics. So much to enjoy & learn out there!

Friday, July 13, 2012

World Domination Summit 2012 Wrap Up - Speakers

It's been less than a week since the World Domination Summit wrapped up and I'm in that state of post-debrief, want to share yet still overwhelmed with the awesome mode. But in the spirit of taking action I'm going to get this out there and hope for the best.

I went to WDS last year as well but didn't sign up right away for 2012, and now I know how lucky I was to get a ticket in that 20 minute window, with great thanks to my sister Jamie who helped me out as they on sale was during one of my temp gigs with limited internet access. Anyhow, retrospectively I didn't even realize I put doing to WDS 2012 was on my MegaList (although I'm rethinking that list...), but either way I'm thrilled I went. WDS is so amazing to see and be a part of with amazing speakers who walk their walk, my mind swims with ideas and my heart swells with inspiration. Plus, Portland is a lot of fun, and I had a great time hanging out with my sister Jamie doing everything from Morning Pages each and every morning to eating fabulous food and catching up with friends and making new friends too!

One of the fascinating experiences of WDS is how it's a huge collective experience of like-minded people, and WDS Founder Chris Guillebeau has created an awesome list of posts of people sharing their experiences that I spent tons of time pouring though. It's amazing how there are the beats of the collective experience that we all shared (Suck It!, singing Don't Stop Believing, getting a superhero trading card and of course the big surprize at the end of Day 2). It also very interesting to see that completely different collective experiences people had, and all the different tribes that play together in the pond of this big tribe of WDS. I'm happy we all play together, because that's one of the things I loved about WDS is that we aren't defined by any demographic but rather a similar sensibility. This year Chris shared it as three things: Community, Adventure and The Value of Service. That one still has me thinking if I agree, which is again something I love about WDS, being continually engaged and thinking about everything I hear, see or say. It's fascinating. Speaking of fascinating, let's look at a selection of the fabulous speakers & attendee's who inspired us all weekend long (PSST: If you are looking for a list of WDS Speakers & Workshop Leaders check out this list I made).


Brené Brown; Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios

Brené Brown Walks the Walk
Our first speaker was Brené Brown, who discussed shame & vulnerability, called us to the challenge of being uncool and the difference between belonging vs fitting in. What I loved about Brené Brown was that she really walked the walk. She spoke strongly about how the damage done of grading art in schools, and as we agreed and laughed in that 'we know' kind of way, she actually continued to push us at how 'wrong' it was by insisted that horses don't have 5 heads. It was a very powerful moment, because we *felt* it and it put us back in that place. Uncomfortable, yes, but also a good reminder of the realness of that action. She also walked the walk when creating the difference between belonging vs fitting in, which is collective experience. That experience that leads to the knowing look between 2 people where you can say "I was there". So we all got up and sang "Don't Stop Believing", the Glee Version. And I got teary. Yep. Totally teary.

It was really beautiful to see and experience Brené Brown who previously I had know only by voice from when my sister Jamie interviewed her on Creative Living with Jamie (I edit the podcast) and also from the many women I know LOVE HER. Like, get teary eyed and heart-opening love kind of love. So I guess I should have been ready that there could be tears, eh? Heh. It's amazing how many WDSers (attendees, speakers and workshop leaders alike) mentioned Brené Brown during the weekend; and I found it particularly interesting that women tended to speak about vulnerability and men mentioned she talked about courage. She was wonderful and it was a truly beautiful way to start off the day.

Susan Cain (right) with Jonathan Fields (left); Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios

Susan Cain and the Introvert Discussion
Wow, this was an interesting talk and prompted many discussions and reactions throughout and after WDS. One of the things this discussion reaffirmed is that WDS has a lot of introverts in attendance, and this year I started to wonder if one of the defining things about WDS is that it's a conference for introverts. I would say there is a high proportion of introverts and also a higher safety zone for introverts as it's part of the discussion. I think it's kind of funny because it's a place for people to connect and reach out, but there can also be a huge sense of overwhelm that can easily kick in.

I'd actually be really curious to hear the results of an anonymous of the attendees if they felt they are introverted or extroverted and see if the results would be (over the non-scientific ask the audience then decide its a 50/50 divide). Interestingly enough I did find the idea of the power of introverts and being away of that people work differently a good reminder, especially in the sense of brainstorming sessions and the tactic to have everyone brainstorm and then come together to share over on the fly.

Personally, I'm an extrovert with have many introverted friends and family members so I feel pretty well versed in the difference between the two and ways to keep the balance. I did like that it continued to create a safe space for introverts and it was a great question to ask people in line, although at times I wondered if I, as a extrovert, still had a place here? I decided yes. Because I was already here!

Scott Belsky; Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios

Scott Belsky, author of Making Ideas Happen
The last speaker of Day 1 was Scott Belsky, one of the speakers that was completely new to me and I had no idea what the discussion would be about. At this point of conference I was stilling way, way, way up on the top balcony and trying not to get freaked out over how high it was (although I did like it much better than the 1st balcony...odd). From my notes (and thank goodness I took them!) I can tell that he talked about the energy of an idea, how it changes over time, planning and structure and that no organization means nothing happens. The curious thing was that my brain was ENTIRELY FULL at this point, and I absolutely loved and wanted achingly to retain everything he said. This is exactly the kind of stuff that gets my motor running, but I was outta energy.

It's odd as many people discussed overwhelm of the experience of WDS and I don't get that so much (when I got to film festivals I'm happy as a clam watching 6 films a day), but I didn't realize how much I wanted to 'hear' this one. I keep describing it as having an awesome amazing buffet that went on for hours on end and then not realizing that there was dessert. And there was dessert! Oh well, good learning there and I'm happy I have my notes and I know for sure that I will buy and read his book as it's a topic I'm very interested it.

Chris Brogan; Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios

Chris Brogan and Superheroes
When I looked at the schedule of who was talking on the mainstage and saw Chris Brogan's name, I was like "WHOA! Chris Brogan!" and totally impressed. He's one of the first people I started reading who wrote about blogging, back when I started blogging in 2006 and it felt so meta. How can you blog about blogging because you are already... blogging? Then my brain would go fuzzy and I would read his work and nod along. So getting to see him in person was pretty freaking impressive. I loved that his presentation embraced the geek and had corresponding light changes for the all the superheroes he discussed (I'm a sucker for impeccable colour stories). Chris also had superhero cards handed out to the crowd (great icebreaker idea!) and although I wasn't super keen on my villain card of Baron Strucker with his evilness involvement of WWII, I admire his chutzpah to take on Nick Fury and I did raise my eyebrows and our common attributes of Stamina, Durability, Intelligence & Agility (but not so much on Speed and Strength). Yep, that's me all the way.

I was reading Chris's site recently including his advice on blogging which lead me to and his post on 10 Blogging Tips which the first notation was 'Write to Be Helpful", and I like to be helpful! It in essence inspired me to write up a link list of all the WDS Speakers & Workshop Leaders and turns out, it was helpful! Yay! Thanks Chris for the advice and inspiration!

Cal Newport; Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios

Cal Newport and the Myth of Following Your Passion
I will admit that I was a bit of a skeptic walking into Cal Newport's discussion as the energy behind it was that the advice 'Follow Your Passion' was off base. I tried not to be a complete sourpuss in the 4th row or so listening to him. I'm a firm believer of not judging so I tried as best I could to go in with an open mind I had to quiet all those voices (especially the one that went OMG how young is this guy????) and just listen. I am so glad I did. Cal was awesome. He won me over several times over, especially when he noted that it's not about not being passionate. And also the straight up acknowledgement that you don't necessarily know where you are going and that you have to do the work and get good at something. Yep, I'm with ya Cal!

There was a great balance between practical advice and feeling your way through things that really works for me. He actual have a great concrete model for making things work for you and demystified that it's not about just quitting a job and that hey, it's going to require work. Yes, I get that! And I was a totally in giggles over the ingenuity of cracking an email naming conventions to connect with people. Yep. That's a moment where I say you are one of my peoples.

I'll be back with more to share about the workshop and the awesome peoples of WDS and Portland itself, because obviously this wants to be more than 1 post.

Also you are looking for a list of WDS Speakers & Workshop Leaders click here!

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Sister Summit Part I & II on Creative Living with Jamie

Sister Summit Goodness with my sisters Jamie & Suzie

The Sisters Left to Right: Jamie of Jamie Ridler Studios, Suzie the Foodie & Me!

I'm still very much processing the World Domination Summit which happened this past weekend, and as I'm still wrapping my head and heart around those I thought I would share the awesomeness of the Sister Summit! Just a few short weeks ago (although they feel like forever ago!) my sister Suzie was in town and my sister Jamie invited us to be on her podcast Creative Living with Jamie and we chatted for so long it's actually in 2 parts! The Sister Summit Part I & Part II.

It's a sharing our creative lives, our stories, memories and insights. Listening to it retrospectively (and a few times as I edit the podcast!), it's amazing to hear that I was very much on the edge of a change that started to actually happen. It's totally crazy, and great, as sometimes voicing you thoughts truly puts you into motion. I didn't even realize it, but now it's totally happening.

If you are looking for some inspiration and sisterly goodness, listen to hear our creative insights, histories, realizations, blogging advice and stories. And of course lots of giggles.

Listen to the Sister Summit: Part I and Part II over at Jamie Ridler Studios on the Creative Living with Jamie Podcast (subscribe here for creative inspiration every week!).

Want to see more sister awesomeness? You can also see us share a picture each over at Under the Willow Tree: The Ridler's Drinking Tea.

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List of Speakers & Workshop Leaders from World Domination Summit 2012

I'm still processing the experience of WDS 2012 which was full of inspiration, awesome people and amazing moments. There is so much I want to share, but my brain and heart are so full that I need to do something streamlined and productive that anchored the experience, which made me think it would be great to create a click-friendly resource of all the speakers and workshop leaders to that everyone can find them in one easy place. I know one of the things I found the most challenging of the WDS process is having to choose just 4 of the amazing workshops available, so I can't wait to dive in to see more about lots of the awesome speakers.

The list is organized by day, with mainstage speakers, then groups on the mainstage and then workshops (which are alphabetical by the last name of the workshop leader).

List of Speakers & Workshop Leaders from World Domination Summit 2012

Chris Guillebeau - World Domination Summit Founder


Saturday July 7, 2012 Speakers
Brené Brown on vulnerability, the call to be uncool and belonging vs fitting in
Scott Harrison of Charity Water
Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts; (talk with Jonathan Fields)
Scott Belsky, author of Making Ideas Happen

$100 Startup Forum
Pamela Slim, moderator
Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 Start Up
Gary Leff,
Jen Adrion, These Are Things Wall
Benny Lewis, Fluent in 3 Months
Emily Cavalier, Midnight Brunch
Michael Hanna, Mattress Lot

Saturday July 7, 2012 2PM Workshop & Leaders
Sherold Barr / Ishita Gupta: Get Unstuck: How to Use Fear and Adverstiy to Build a Remarkable Life
Cate Brubaker: The Art and Science of Re-Entry After Being Abroad
James Clear: Become a Better Photography in 60 Minutes
Marianne Elliott: Unconventional Fitness: Yoga
Jodi Ettenberg: The Hungry Nomad: How to Eat Cheaply and Safely Anywhere in the World
Matthew Gartland: Indie Publishing Demystified: How Any Writer Can Prosper from the eBook Revolution
Derek Halpern: How to Wring Results from Your Blog
Josh Kaufman: The Personal MBA: Make More Money, Get More Done, Have More Fun
Danielle LaPorte: Live Fire Starter Session
Owen Marcus / Ken Solin: Create a Micro-Community for World Domination
The Minimalists: Millburn / Nicodemus / Becker - Minimalism is Changing the Entrepreneurial Landscape
Cal Newport: Crafting a Remarkable Career
Angela Perkins: Unconventional Philanthropy: Stop Wasting Your Time and Start Making a Real Difference - need link!
Pace Smith / Kyeli Smith: Why Your Dreams Aren't Enough to Change the World (And What You're Missing)
Jaime Tardy: How Millionaires Start Their Businesses

Saturday July 7, 2012 3PM Workshop & Leaders
Scott Belsky: The Future of Work: A Conversation with Scott Belsky
Sophia Bera: Financial Planning for the Gen Y Taught by Gen Y
Gregory Berg: Ready for Prime Time? Creating Your Own Podcast or Online Radio Show
Becca Borawski / Cody Limbaugh: Unconventional Fitness: CrossFit
Brené Brown: A Conversation with Brené Brown
Mike Bruny: The New Art of Conference Networking: #Hashtags to Homies
Susannah Conway: Writing from the Heart
Jonathan Fields: Mindset is the New Killer App
David Fugate: Book Concepts That Sell
Matt Kepnes: How to Travel First Class on an Economy Budget
Benny Lewis: Speak a Foreigh Language Fluently in 3 Months
Nathalie Lussier: The Female Advantage: How Women in Business & Technology Will Change Your World
Nicholas Reese: Rapid Fire Strategy Sessions for the Bootstrapping Entrepreneur
Joel Runyon: Do Something. Do Anything.
Kate Swoboda: Entrepreneurs: Stop Letting Overwhelm Kick Your Ass
Andrea Warner: Find Freelance Jobs Online & Work From Anywhere


Sunday July 8, 2012 Speakers
Chris Brogan
Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott
Cal Newport
J.D. Roth

Attendee Stories Forum
Brandon Sutton, Kids of the Gulf
Nicole, a new and enthusiastic long distance runner
Jenny Blake, Life After
Mike Ambassador Bruny, on giving back to those who gave to you
Penelope Dodd, The Produce to the People sharing produce to communities in need in Northwest Tasmania
Nate Damm, walked across the United States
Hung, World Traveller/Photographer
Adam Baker, documentary filmmaker of I'm Fine, Thanks
Stephanie, Gave $10 a day someone who could make a difference or use it for good
Chantelle, Doing it in a Dress
Rasheed, balloon artist (need link)
Amanda, got an accountability buddy at WDS last year & now are working together (need link)
Michelle Ward, When I Grow Up Coach

Sunday July 8, 2012 2PM Workshop & Leaders
Steve Kamb / Marvin & Josephine Abisia: Travel Hacking Academy for Beginners
Jill Allen: Unconventional Fitness: Yoga
Chris Brogan: A Conversation with Chris Brogan
Abraham Cajudo: Campaign Wishes and Kickstarter Dreams: How I Learned to Love Crowdfunding
Janice Campbell: How to Create Multiple Streams of Income in a One-Person Business
Scott Dinsmore: How to Connect with Anyone
Amanda Farough You Website Sucks (And You're Awesome)
Scott Harrison: A Conversation with Scott Harrison
Clay Hebert: No Excuses - From Idea to Laund - How to Validate, Position, Market, & Ship
Danielle LaPorte: Live Fire Starter Session
Jennifer Lee: The Right Brain Business Plan: Turn Passion into Profit
Cynthia Morris: Write Your Book Now: Kick Fear to the Curb with a Simple Content Map
Sarah Peck: How to Win at Crafting Narratives
Josh Schwartzman: Fail Fast: Test Your Idea in 60 Minutes
Pam Slim: 13 Ways to Inspire Your Audience
Stephanie Zito: Intro for World Changers

Sunday July 8, 2012 3PM Workshop & Leaders
Steve Kamb / Marvin & Josephine Abisia: Advanced Travel Hacking Academy
Corbett Barr: Instant Idea Evaluation
Jenny Blake / Kyle Durand: Ignorance is Not Bliss
Jonathan Fields: The 10 Commandments of Epic Business
David Fugate: Ask the Literary Agent
Tara Gentile: Reclaim Wealth: Make the World Richer
Josh Kaufman: The Art and Science of Rapid Skill Acquistion
Nick Krasner: How to Operate as a Psychological Surgeon
Kate O'Brien: Cultivating Unconventional Kids - need link
Christina Rasmussen: Your Loss is Your Launch Pad
Emelie Rota: Sex, Money, and Politics - Why Forbidden Fruit Holds the Key to a Sustainable Future
Julia Roy: Less is More: Simple Productivity Hacks
Andrea Scher: Mondo Beyondo Meetup: What are Your Superpowers?
Maneesh Sethi: Digital Nomading for Fun & Profit
Colleen Wainwright: What I Did on My Summer Vacation: The 50-for-50 Campaign
Erick Widman: How to Have the Best Year of Your Life by Volunteering and Travelling Overseas

I hope the link list is a helpful resource for all. I had a hard time keeping focus while researching as there is so much great content and interesting articles on the sites. I couldn't find everyone though, so if you know the links of a 'need link' person above, or if that person is you and somewhere else is your home base, please feel free to email me at planetshannon at gmail dot com.