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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with another new family member arriving in...

Sins of the Father
Season 3, Episode 17

  • The Enterprise receive Commander Kurn as a part of the exchange program, who assumes the role of First Officer. Shortly after arriving it's revealed that his is Worf younger brother who was left behind by the family when he was 1 year old. He's really came to provide Worf with the opportunity to challenge the Klingon High Council on their accusation that their father Mogh is a traitor for playing a part in The Khitomer Massacre.
    Character Focus:
    • Worf is the focus, along with his newly revealed younger brother Kurn.
    • Picard plays an important role here, as he won't let Worf got to the Klingon High Council alone as failing in the challenge would lead to Worf's execution. In addition, when Kurn is attached Picard accepts the role of Worf's Cha'DIch (ritual second).
    • We also are introduced to several Klingons including K'mpec of the Klingon High Council, Duras who initiated the claim against Mogh and Kahlest who was another survivor of the Khitomer Massacre.
    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember this as the trial of Worf's father episode, and I also incorrectly remembered a lot of it! I though Kurn died in the attack and that Picard played a larger role in the trial.
    • I also fondly remember the fabulous weight of the end scene where Worf is discommendated.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • Although this begins as a reverse of 2.08 Matter of Honor with the Star Fleet Exchange program and the Klingon Kurn coming to the Enterprise to assume the role of first officer, they play that card for a quite a bit, full on with him almost scaring the crew and Riker offering him help on acclimatizing. There is a lot of this action before switching to the meat of the episode regarding Worf's family honour being challenged when his father Mog is posthumously accused of being a traitor regarding the Khitomer Massacre.
    • Kurn is played by Tony Todd!! He's totally an icon in horror, from Final Destination to Candyman to Hatchet and so many more. He also makes a great Klingon!
    What feels different now, than then:
    • Well I'll be. I guess I have to bite my tongue from yesterday's claim that new family members die in the episode they appear because Kurn survives this episode, unlike Lal in 3.16 The Offspring or Ian Andrew in 2.01 The Child. Maybe that's a kid thing and not a sibling (or parent) thing.
    • I did think it's weird that Kurn when comes aboard brings and adheres to Klingon culture, whereas in 2.08 Matter of Honor Riker made the shift to absorb himself into Klingon culture.
    What remained the same:
    • I ADORE the ritualistic nature of the Klingons, and in particular the final scene where all the Klingons dis-acknowledge Worf by crossing their arms and turning their backs. Wow. That is a powerful moment!
    What I see differently:
    • It's cool to see the crew 'hit the books' to find information to support that Mogh was not a traitor. Now it feels very Buffy-like to see that, although that show wasn't even on yet!
    • Although it's rather inappropriate, I thought it was hilarious when Kurn outs Riker's offer of help led to him needed to resist killing him at a dinner among the bridge crew. Too funny.
    • It's pretty surprizing that the Klingon High Council is okay with having this clear deception towards Mogh, thinking that Worf wouldn't contest it and knowing that in fact Duras is the son of a traitor. Of course Picard points this out to them :)
    • On this re-watch I, um.. like... kinda understood some of the Klingon. Yeah. Not sure where I picked that up....
    Great Quotes:
    • "Your deception offends me, Brother. - Worf
    • "I never kill anyone at the supper table." - Kurn
    • "It is a good day to die, Duras. And the day is not yet over." - Worf
    • "One does not patronize a Klingon warrior."- Riker
    Left off at:
    • When it becomes clear they are in a bit of a Catch-22 situation, Worf makes the unexpected gesture to accept discommendation so his brother can live and have a chance to restore Mogh's honour. Worf is then ritualistically discommendation by the Klingons.

    Images Source: TrekCore


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