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The High Ground
Season 3, Episode 12

  • While dropping of medical supplies to the unaligned (or non-affiliated) planet Rutia, Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by terrorists on the planet in an attempted to not only cure illness from dimension-shifting transport but also to involved the Federation in the Ansata's plight against the Rutians.
    Character Focus:
    • Beverlyis the focus here as she is the one abducted so we get to see he in action on her own although I couldn't quite tel if she was playing subtle at first or going for the wait-to-be-rescued. I still couldn't quite tell, although maybe it was wait method as when Picard is also abducted he notes it's their duty look for escape options.
    • Kyril Finn, the Ansata's rebel leader/terrorist and voice of the rebellion to the audience.
    • Wesley also gets some limelight here as he is the one who figures out the rebels transportation device and a way to track it.
    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember being confused with this episode, the idea of people kidnapping Beverly but then they weren't mean to her per se and how Finn sort of falls for Beverly. It was way too complex and grey for me.
    • Geordi also does an awesome 'get out of the way of fire' jump in Engineering. Yep, oddly that is one of the things I strongly remember about this episdoe.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • I was shocked with the opening voice over that indicated that away teams went down to the planet armed. I don't think we've encountered a planet in this kind of turmoil before (other than references to where Yar grew up).
    • The rebels are pretty freaking aggressive, not only as they steal Beverly but also in their attempted to pretty much blow up The Enterprise. They also were foiled at a lot of their attempted with the ship and their crew, although did rack up a death toll of 3 plus 4 injured. That's severe.
    • They do open the door for a discussion of if you would behave differently if you weren't in an 'ideal society' like The Federation, although both Beverly and Picard do not succumb to going against their own morals.
    What feels different now, than then:
    • I get the context of this one a lot more now and thought it was pretty cool that they had the distanced view of Data saying that historically some times the options for change were exceeded and then these kinds of action taken, but I still have a lot of the same feelings now that I did than that it's just not right.
    • Picard decks Finn on the bridge with no hesitation! GO PICARD!
    What remained the same:
    • Finn can really draw. So impressed. I love this style of drawing.
    • I still absolutely detest the attitude of 'You made me do this to hurt you'. Own your choices, buddy, the good and the bad.
    What I see differently:
    • I'm a little surprized they had back-to-back episodes with devices that basically make people untrackable with the dimension-shifting transport device here and then in 3.11 The Hunted with the altered people whose life signs don't read and they can interrupt/escape from a transport signal.
    • I was pretty shocked when then Rutian leader shoots and kills Finn during the rescue of Crusher and Picard, and with full knowledge that he would become a martyr.
    Great Quotes:
    • "I have been reviewing the history of armed rebellion. And it appears that terrorism is an effective way to promote political change." - Data
    • "I'm willing to die for my freedom, Doctor. And in the finest tradition of your own great civilization, I'm willing to kill for it too." - Finn
    • "You're very helpful. You could learn to do this when you grow up. If you grow up... "- Dr. Crusher to the young rebel who helps her treat the wounded
    Left off at:
    Wesley is able to track the rebels location and a rescue team is sent in for Crusher and Picard; during the rescue the Rutian leader kills the rebel leader but with a young rebel voluntarily standing down it gives the hope of reconciliation in the future.

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