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The Vengeance Factor
Season 3, Episode 9

clan Lornak. Volnoth says he is of that clan and asks why she wants to know. Yuta asks if she looks familiar to him... he says yes, but it is impossible, it was fifty years ago. Yuta reveals her clan affiliation: Tralesta

  • The Enterprise discovers the murder of an Acamarian, leading Picard to mediate peace to a long-term but distanced conflict with the Acamarian people who have split between the nomadic Gatherers and the more structured representative of Sovereign Marouk. When deaths continue the crew uncovers that The Acacarian Clan Wars may not yet be over.
    Character Focus:
    • Of the main crew, Riker is the focus as he reaches out to Yuta and tries to connect on an equal basis with her, something she isn't comfortable or familiar with.  Plus, he has to stop her in the end which is pretty disturbing.
    • For the Acamerians, Yuta servant to Sovereign Marouk is the focus here not only does she prove to be the lone surviving Tralesta clan seeking vengeance against the Lornak clan; but also because she deelops a relationship with Riker which comes to a halt when she can not deviate from either service nor her mission to completely decimate the Lornak clan.
    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember this one crystal clearly, the moment they said Acamerians, I could spot out the names of all the people, the clan names, and pretty much everything that happens in the episode. 
    • I also really remember the Beverly, Data and Riker researching who could be the assassin and reconstituting the image below, which felt like it was impossible but now we see all the time (at least in TV shows.... I have no idea if it's actually possible!):

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    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • Wesley steps up!  I think this is the first episode where someone comes on the ship and does the whole "Who's this *KID* at he conn?", and instead of getting all "I'm not worthy" Wesley steps up, shows his expertise and skill to show his place on the bridge is rightfully earned.  Go Wes!
    • Who knew that nomadic humanoids on other planets would look like they would be in a hair band?
    • I loved how strong Sovereign Marouk is, she didn't take any crap from the Gatherers but still was willing to continue negotiations.  It was cool to see a female leader that was strong and powerful. 
    What feels different now, than then:
    • story of Yuta feeling like she couldn't connect on a equal level resonated more with me this time, but I pretty much feel the same way about it.
    • Picard has to put on a lot of different hats, in this episode he plays mediator to the Acamerians and in the last episode we was host to the Barzarians in 3.08 The Prize.
    • I think this is one of the few (or only) times so far we've seen a crew member kill someone, individual-to-individual.  I'm glad they held the weight of that and didn't gloss over it. 
    What remained the same:
    • Vengeance never ends well.  It's a theme I'm very disinterested in regardless of the medium of TV, film or books.
    What I see differently:
    • I totally enjoyed both the humour and plight of Brull (pictured below the Picard), sure he picks on Wesley but then later jovially says it's okay if Wesley doesn't like his as he has "many friends that don't like" him.  I thought it was interesting to see an outlandish character deal with trying to make change for his people and family, but also ensuring to save face for their choices and situation.  Pretty impressive.  
    Great Quotes:
    • "Your ambushes would be more successful if you bathed more often!" - Worf
    • "You're the last. Once you're dead, what happens to me doesn't matter." - Yuta
    • "You're wrong, Chorgan. We've agreed to have some brandy together." - Picard
    Left off at:
    When the crew realizes that Yuta is the murderer and will attempt to kill the Gatherer leader Chorgan, Riker beams down to the negotiations, and when he is unsuccessful at dissuading her from attacking Chorgan her kills her.

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