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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with Romulans in the wrong place at the wrong time in ...

The Enemy
Season 3, Episode 7

  • The Enterprise investigates a distress signal coming from the storm planet of Galondancor to find Romulans in Federation space; the small away team ends up dividing with Riker, Worf and one injured Romulan back on the ship and Geordi being stranded on the planet with an injured Romulan.
What it's really about:
  • A big theme of this one is when it's a time to die for your principles as well as when to strictly follow regulations or find a way to avoid all-out war.
    Character Focus:
    • Geordi always felt like the focus to me, and he plasy a huge part of it being stuck with the Romulan on the planet who is insists on keeping him at bay with a weapon even when Geordi continually helps him.
    • Worf also plays a huge part in this one, as he is the only person on the ship that can save the injured Romulan that was brought aboard through a transmission. He actually refuses (Romulans killed his parents), and even when Beverly tries to get him to reconsider the Romulan awakes and refuses. Riker askes him if he will hate all Romulans forever, and also to consider what would happen if they become part of the Federation one day. Picard also tries to get him to change his mind, but Worf insists he will only comply if ordered to do so (which Picard doesn't do), and by the time all this is said and done the Romulan dies.
    • Romulans, including Centurion Bochra who is on the planet with Geordi and Commander Tomalak as the leader of a Romulan ship which pushes the boundaries of the Neutral Zone.  I actually was really excited to see this was an episode that guest starred Andreas Katsulas, who plays Tomalak, it's very rare that I can recognize a guest star by name from the pre-IMDb days, but I love this actor whom went on to play one of my favourite characters of all time: G'Kar on Babylon 5 .
    What I remembered about this episode:
    • I remember this one as the "Geordi on the planet with the Romulan" episode, and spotted it in less than 1 minute of air time.
    What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
    • The huge question on if Worf will help save the injured Romulan is so big, I think it well overpowers the more conflict-centric.
    • Wesley quickly and easily finds a solution for how to get Geordi off the storm planet.  Go Wes!
    •  I know this might be a bit odd to say, when HOW did Beverly's hair grow like 4 inches in a few episodes?  Earlier this season she was sporting a really short bob and now it's back to pretty freaking long:

    Left: 2 episodes ago in 3.05 The Bonding / Right: This episode 3.07 The Enemy
      What feels different now, than then:
      • And wow, poor Geordi!  This is the second episode in a row where he gets a bit kicked in the face for being to nice, and right after a bad date in 3.06 Booby Trap.
      What remained the same:
      • I actually love the even in trying circumstances Geordi can't help but be himself and be a good guy, and he even finally convinces the Centurion Bochra they are on the same side to get out of the situation.
      What I see differently:
      • I totally forgot how grave the circumstance on the planet were, and that the electromagnetic storms really can do one over on the nervous system.
      • I also forgot the whole Romulan ship crossing The Neutral Zone against Picard's warning and that it could have let to an all out war.  There was obviously also a lot of deception from the side of Tomalak, and the fact of a Romulan ship landing in Federation space, but it's not resolved or explained.
      • I also wonder if this is one of the few times we hear more about Romulan culture, although Geordi talks about Bochra as being a 'good Romulan' for wanting to die for his people and for their cause, that it's dutiful to do so.  I don't remember this being in the show, at least not so far.
      Great Quotes:
      • "Welcome to Galorndon Core, where no good deed goes unpunished." - Geordi
      • "No wonder your race is weak. You waste time and resources on defective children." - Centurion Bochra
      • "Commander Tomalak - it would appear, our away team has located a second man from your "one-man ship"."- Picard
      Left off at:
      Geordi and Bochra together locate the probe and are beamed to The Enterprise and Bochra is returned to Tomalak's ship without a war breaking out between The Romulans and The Federation.

      Images Source: TrekCore


      Julie Gibbons said…
      So now it becomes clear why you mentioned Star Trek during Creativity Coffee ;)

      TNG reminds me of being pregnant with my son. I was *very* ill during that time.

      There's good and bad in all things, I guess!

      Shannon - tell me you loved Firefly. It's my current sci fi obsession :)
      Shannon said…
      Hey Julie! Yes, I am totally working though Star Trek - I know it's not totally on the creativity vein but I am very much enjoying it.

      I'm sorry to hear you were very ill during your pregnancy with your son, I hope that TNG provided some reprieve during that time.

      I *love* Firefly (and Serenity)! It's on my re-watch list too, but TNG is keeping me busy for now. So happy to hear there are more browncoats out there - woohoo, Firefly!

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