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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues with the introduction of one of the coolest characters ever in ....

The Emissary
Season 2, Episode 20

  • The Enterprise is sent to intercept a class 8 probe travelling at warp 9 carrying the emissary K'Ehleyr, a half-Klingon/half-human who brings news of a nearby Klingon ship whose crew is in cyrogenic sleep and has been since before the Klingon/Federation war ended.  She also happens to be an old flame of Worf's.
Character Focus:
  • K'Ehleyr is the focus here as it's her first appearance on the show, she's a fabulous character and it's really cool to see her here not only in as a stand strong emissary but also with Worf who tries (foolishly) to ignore her and their past from 6 years ago.  She also gets along quite well with Deanna, and they bond over both being half-human, even though they experience and receive that experience differently. If she feels familiar, Suzie Plakson also played the Vulcan doctor in 2.06 The Schizoid Man.
  • Worf also is in the limelight, as Picard assigns him to assist K'Ehleyr, which doesn't go over well but ends up okay as they both cool off some steam (and create some) in the holodeck.  And he gets to show a bit of his romantic side, which has been foreshadowed lightly throughout this season.
What I remembered about this episode:
  • I loved K'Ehleyr instantly.  Mysterious past with Worf, courageous enough to transport via probe that's 2 meters long, and is fierce as well as funny.  
  • I also clearly remember the 'plot' story about the Klingons in cryogenic sleep and how they 'trick' them by Worf's plan of being in temporary command of The Enterprise.  Clever thinking and great performance there.
What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
  • I pretty much remembered this one beat for beat, with the exception of the fact that it started with a game of poker between Pulaski, Riker, Data, Geordi and Worf, with Worf fairing the best.  Every time it starts with poker I am hoping it's a very specific episode, but we haven't gotten to it yet :)
  • I did quite enjoy Deanna and K'Ehleyr connection over the mutual half-human lineage, and how quickly they connected even though they are very different. 
What feels different now, than then:
  • Not much feels different, I loved it then and I loved it now. We do get to see them re-use 'random baddies' in the holodeck with Worf's holodeck program and were shown in an episode where Riker trains with Worf.  These creatures do have a feel that is reminiscence of classic Star Trek with a skull-head mob and a very fun-furred dude.
  • I will admit one thing that was different is I don't remember how much this one plays into future episodes, I really notice how much I've seen these episodes out of sequence any time I've watched them; at least until the final seasons.
What remained the same:
  • I love the K'Ehleyr/Worf relationship, the intensity of it and even the rockiness of it. I also still think it was crazy for Worf to start "The Oath" so instantaneously. 
What I see differently:
  • I totally laughed when Picard catches Worf in mis-logic of the request not to work with K'Ehleyr, how Picard makes him clearly see that his objection is purely personal and therefore not appropriate.  It was very sweet.
Great Quotes:
  • "Worf, we're alone now. You don't have to act like a Klingon glacier. I don't bite. Well, that's wrong. I *do* bite." - K'Ehleyr
  • "Klingons never bluff." - Worf
  • "Whenever Starfleet gets enigmatic, I know we're about to face a challenge." - Picard
Left off at:
Worf outsmarts the old Klingon ship enough to not have to destroy them and K'Ehleyr will assimilate them to the 24th Century; but before she departs they do discuss that there is something between them and Worf says that he will not be complete without her.  Awww!

Images Source: TrekCore


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