stART Episode 4 ~ What I'm Working On

stART: Creating As We Go is a show that along with my sisters Suzie and Jamie we are all connecting to each other to share updates on their creative projects, what's musing on our minds and even few challenges along the way.  You can see our chats over at our YouTube Page, listen to it as a podcast or see, listen both the show and updates over at our blog.

I realized that I wanted to keep track of what I said were my actual projects that I was working on (as sometimes new ones come up!) so it would be easier to check in on them and update with progress as well.  I also love having the tracking of posting on it.  Haha!  Yes, it's accountability but I love the archives as well, I admit it!

In this episode I mention that I'm currently working on:
  • Countdown to Breaking Dawn ~ Twilight Films re-watching and vlogging, although I'm questioning whether this falls under a 'creative project'.  It's fun, for sure, but creative?  Undecided. Either way, this one is COMPLETE
  • Knitting: working on a sleeve pattern, this looks like it will end up being 2 sleeves and a hood so that likely means a shrug, although I've diverged from the original pattern and creating-as-I-go.
  • Working with the Tarot, aka studying/working with the traditional meanings.
  • Managing my energy, which is a huge challenge because I don't like admitting it's not only finite but way less than I'm used to. Of course I'm even wondering if posting about this here is too much. Ack!
  • Library: Finding a new rhythm/schedule of getting out to the library.


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