Monday, November 12, 2012

31 Days of Horror 2012 Wrap Up

October is always scary movie month and this year I decided to take on the challenge of 31 Days of Horror, with the goal of seeing 31 scary films I hadn't seen before that I had in my possession. Normally I'm a super strict on the challenge thing, but this time I was pretty relaxed as I didn't make it to 31, I snuck in a few Halloween favourites that were re-watches and I bought a few new titles. But breaking the rules lead to a lot of fun watches and missing a few days meant more sleep, so all in all it was all good.

The vlog above is a reflection on the experience as a whole, although some highlights include being extremely happy to finally see Carnival of Souls (which was fantastic) after it being on my to-see list for years and also the paranormal thriller Red Lights with Cillian Murphy. I also adored rewatching The Black Hole, even though it's scifi not horror, but it did plant the seed of an idea for a future project! And of course watching the Halloween films was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed all of them save #5 which didn't suit me, and #2 still reigns supreme as the best, and one of the scariest, of all time. To hear more about each of the titles, and you can see individual vlogs by clicking each title below.

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