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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues into Season 2 with...

Season 2, Episode 11

  • The Enterprise response to a distress call from it's sister ship, The Yamato, who is experiencing various ship-wide failures after researching and encountering an artifact from a near-mythic race of the Iconians, all within the Neutral Zone.
Character Focus:
  • Picard is a focus, as we learn of his love of archeology a bit more as he takes on the Yamato's mission as leads the away team to the planet even though the stakes were very high. 
  • Both Geordi and Data have key roles in unravelling the mysteries of the virus that slowly starts to take over the ship and to attempted understand the Iconican language, probe and systems.  We also have a near-miss with Data with a fake out that he might die, that lasts mere momemts.
  • We also get a further look at The Romulans as the episode takes place primarily in the Neutral Zone and The Romulans also end up being affected by the same issue that affects both The Enterprise and The Yamato.
What I remembered about this episode:
  • I've actually been waiting for this episode!  I love the key code that Data gives Picard of "Key blue-amber-amber-red.", and how we also hear the computer read back Amber Amber a few times.  I know that's totally weird but it's true.  I didn't remember that it was the story with the gateway or that that story was about the system wide computer issues and Iconians.
What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
  • This appears to be the first time we see Picard say "Tea.  Earl Grey, hot." !!!  And it's in the middle of a random scene talking to Wesley, I guess it really got picked up as iconic later on.  It does serve to let the crew know the replicators aren't working and therefore the ship is beginning to take on the same symptoms of The Yamato.
  • There are a few funny moments where Data does something dangerous and Picard scolds him like a kid, like when he puts his arm through the 'gateway' to determine if it's a hologram or not. 
What feels different now, than then:
  • I kind of felt bad I didn't remember The Yamato blowing up.  That's a HUGE ship and it just blew to smithereens.
  • It feels a little 'quick fix' to just to send over the details of how to fix the ship to The Romulans, especially as the Romulan captain said she couldn't shut down the auto destruct.  It's unclear if they blwo up or not.
What remained the same:
  • I already mentioned it, but I love the scene when they are on the planet and figuring out the code and seeing the gateway, that was so cool.
  • Oh, and it's good to know Toronto City Hall will still exist in the time of Star Trek:

What I see differently:

  • Not too much, except nothing things I forgot like The Yamato, The Romulans and Iconians being part of this episode.  I also can't remember if the Iconians come up again.   I'll have to keep my eyes open for that. 
  • I did not that it's pretty funny that the fix pretty much is the standard tech fix step #1 these days, which is "Turn it off and on".  It's more involved in that, but still that's the general idea.
Great Quotes:
  • "Our own ignorance could kill us." - Riker
  • "It's a time-honored way to practice medicine, with your head and your heart and your hands, so - jump to it." - Pulaski
  • "Any answer would be mere speculation. This is yet another example of how our actions have random results." - Data
Left off at:
The virus enters Data, but with his self-cleaning system it clears it out by turning Data off, expelling the new data, and turning him back on.  Geordi figures it out and applies the same method to the ship as well as relaying the info to The Romulans.  And although Picard could have ended up anywhere in space through 'the gateway' he ends up on the Romulan ship and is quickly transported off by Chief O'Brien - transporter saves are pretty high this season!

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