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Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch continues into Season 2 with...

Where Silence Has Lease
Season 2, Episode 2

  • The Enterprise encounters a void in space, and after a brief investigation turns to leave but instead of getting away from it, they are enveloped by it.
Character Focus:
  • Although we do get insights and big moves by most of the characters, this one honestly feels like it's about the whole crew.  
  • If anyone is in the spotlight it's Nagilum, the entity in the void of that is the void, is introduced.
What I remembered about this episode:
  • I remembered the whole cat & mouse game and that the entity was toying with them.  It's also rather mean-spirited just like the creature in 1.23 Skin of Evil.
What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
  • This is one of the rare episodes where there is pretty much only one story going on, the issue with the void of space, and that's it.  They do start off with a discussion with Troi and Picard over concern of Riker and Worf, but they are just on the holodeck doing a calisthenics program.  Although thinking about the concept of a 'void' it kind of makes sense that viewing the episode we can feel and absense of something, who knows - maybe it was all part of the plan!
  • And Geordi yet again is the early and adept assessor of the situation, akinning their predeciment to being a rat in a trap who no longer wants the cheese.
What feels different now, than then:
  • It took me a bit to recognize this episode, I felt like something was off right from the get go and Picard felt a bit strange in this episode.
  • The idea of a continually existent entity is rather far out.
What remained the same:
  • It still freaked me out when Worf and Riker go onto the sistership and it's the same, but different; and how they even see themselves on a bridge that's ajoined to... the bridge.  Freaky!
  • It totally cracked me up to hear Riker's long-winded enthusiastic response to turning off the auto destruct.
What I see differently:
  •  I'm a little surprized they went to the whole 'meaning of life' and 'what is death' questions, and Picard actually answered the questions to who he thought was Data and Troi.
  • It's the second time in the series so far that they've set the auto destruct sequence (the first was 1.15 11001001)
    Great Quotes:
    • "Considering the marvelous complexity of the universe, its... clockwork perfection, its balances of this against that, matter, energy, gravitation, time, dimension - I believe that our existence must be more than either of these philosophies. That what we are goes beyond Euclidean or other practical measuring systems, and that our existence is part of a reality beyond what we understand now as reality." - Picard
    • "Forgive me, Mr. Data. I am not accustomed to working with non-living devices that...Forgive me again." - Dr. Pulaski
    • "To understand death, I must amass information on every aspect of it. Every kind of dying. The experiments shouldn't take more than a third of your crew, maybe half." - Nagilum
    Left off at:
    After assessing the opinions and options of what life and death it, Nagilum let's The Enterprise go, although Picard spins it that it's a mutual thing.  Oh, the positivity and continual learning!  No wonder I love Trek.

    Images Source: TrekCore


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