Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Archive & Reflection

It's been 6 weeks since the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One Re-Watch began, and since then I've watched and written about every episode. This is definitely a shaky season and it would guess it has the most episode that I'm least likely to re-watch, but there were also a lot of gems in there as well.  In fact, because I am not likely to re-watch this season I don't know it that well and therefore found myself sometimes nearly the 10 minute mark before being able to identify which episode it is when usually I can do so before the opening credits. 

One of the most interesting things about the re-watch was 'seeing' the characters differently.  I remember when the show was originally on I thought Deanna's role was a bit strange and even silly, and now I really appreciate the value of understanding and tapping into the emotional reality of those involved.  I also initially  didn't like Riker's character at all, and it took years to start to appreciate him, but now going back I can see that the elements I grew to love later were always there.  I'm also playing with a theory that Wesley's always right (but no one listens), Geordi often states what's really going on and Worf is filled with wisdom.  I also thought I would really relish in Yar's death, but have to admit that they gave a touching farewell.  The things that stayed the same were eternal love for Picard, and any episodes that have have Picard & Beverly interaction.  And outside the main bridge crew we get to see aliens old & new with appearances from the Klingons, Ferengi, Romulans and a TNG favourite in Q.  

The two things that I often enjoy from rewatching series are seeing character development (as noted above) and series/season wide arcs.  The thing about The Next Generation is, there isn't much of an arc beyond 2 episodes that go together ( and 1.25 Conspiracy), so that makes me wonder, or realize, that perhaps that's why I haven't rewatch TNG.  The episode-by-episode drive is more 1 concept often told in 2 concurrent stories, and it can be a moral dilemma, a personal change or in the case of this season, and introduction to a character or culture.  I definitely enjoyed many of those introductions from Worf background & Klingon traditionalists in 1.20 Heart of Glory to the awesomeness of the Bynars in 1.15 11001001.  Was that worth sloughing through the 'we aren't -ism-ists' anymore of 1.04 Code of Honor and 1.14 Angel One?  It was for me, although I'm not sure if I'd watch those ones again.

I was surprized how many I would remember by a single like or catch phrase, like 'Ugly Bags of Mostly Water' aka 1.18 Home Soil, or 'We seek peaceful coexistence' aka 1.25 Conspiracy, or 'the one where they run' 1.08 Justice.  And even though the second full episode 1.03 The Naked Now is really shaky in terms of characters finding their feet and being 'silly' and drunk, it's still one of my favourites of the series.

I have a feeling most (or hopefully all) of the episodes I'm not fond of are in Season 1, and I'm looking forward to diving into Season 2 and seeing if I can recognize the episodes quicker.  I've also realized that there aren't many (if any) science fiction shows on right now that are set in space and/or more about ideas, exploration and new adventures, over conflict and power struggles which are the things I love about Star Trek.  So I'll certainly keep trekking through Trek.  But until then, here's an archive of my Season 1 thoughts, in both this format and also with an image-an-episode guide which was really full to pull which image I felt to be the most iconic/representative/memorable of each episode. 

Archive of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One Posts
1.01 Encounter at Farpoint (Part 1)
1.02 Encounter at Farpoint (Part 2)
1.03 The Naked Now
1.04 Code of Honor
1.05 The Last Outpost
1.06 Where No One Has Gone Before
1.07 Lonely Among Us
1.08 Justice
1.09 The Battle
1.10 Hide and Q
1.11 Haven
1.12 The Big Goodbye
1.13 Datalore
1.14 Angel One
1.15 11001001
1.16 Too Short a Season
1.17 When the Bough Breaks
1.18 Home Soil
1.19 Coming of Age
1.20 Heart of Glory
1.21 The Arsenal of Freedom
1.22 Symbiosis
1.23 Skin of Evil
1.24 We'll Always Have Paris
1.25 Conspiracy
1.26 The Neutral Zone

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One in Images

Images From 1.05 The Last Outpost - 1.26 The Neutral Zone from TrekCore

Now, on to Season 2!  I think it's smoother sailing from here on in...


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