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The Star Trek: The Next Generation re-watch continues with...

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1, Episode 25

  • Picard receives a secret message to rendezvous with an old friend who is part of a small group concerned of a growing concern about Starfleet, and of the behavior of high ranking people.  Picard sets Data on the task to see if there is any clout to the idea, and when it appears to be the case, The Enterprise heads back to Earth to inform Starfleet Command.  
  • This story continues an arc from episode 1.16 Coming of Age where Admiral Quinn and Lieutenant Commander Remmick board The Enterprise under the premise that something is elusively 'wrong' and intensely question the crew about Picard.
What it's really about:
  • True-to-title, this one is literally about a conspiracy, and presents the shocking idea that Starfleet could be infiltrated.  
Character Focus:
  • Picard is the focus here, and we see what he'd do when in a situation to choose between friendship and Starfleet, and where his loyalties lie.  
  • Riker also plays a very important role as he fakes-out being under the influence of one of the creatures.
  • Data gets to actually uncover everything so he gets kudos for sure, and he also gets one of the best lines in the series in response to Deanna's question on if he's gone for a moonlight swim: "One can swim in moonlight?" Beautiful.
  • We also get the reprisal of Admiral Quinn and Lieutenant Commander Remmick, both of who are under the influence of the creatures.
  • The elusive creatures that overtook the Starfleet officers, as far as I know they aren't given a name but they co-exist and it's unclear if they can self-sustain externally of humans. 
What I remembered about this episode:
  • This episode actually scared me when I first saw it, the idea of people you know being co-existed to other creatures is terrifying.  Plus, when Remmick's head literally BLOWS UP, that freaked me out.  I actually was quite exciting when 1.16 Coming of Age aired earlier, thinking it was this episode. 
What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
  • This is quite an 'action' episode, Admiral Quinn takes on both Riker and Worf (but Beverly finally phasers him down), there is a chase sequence and a few phaser-offs.  Recently I've become a bit harsh on shows where the 'actiony' ones are put on the 'best of' shelf, but I will say that this one was memory (and did also happen to be quite good).
What feels different now, than then:
  • It actually feels very controversial to have the secret messages and meetings, and for Picard to agree and even action to not have things in the ships logs for the meeting early in the episode.  
What remained the same:
  • The bugs/co-exisiting/symbiotic things still freaked me out.
  • The head exploding still freaked me out.
  • That being said, I was totally jazzed to see this one. 
  • I actually remember the creepy line from Remmick of "We seek peaceful coexistence!"
What I see differently:
  • Not sure if this is seeing it differently, but I couldn't remember who was all in on the conspiracy vs who was figuring out something was wrong (one woman was playing both sides, so that adds to my confusion).  I was rather surprized that the old friend and secret meetings actually *did* uncover that something was wrong. Well, that and Data's analysis.
  • I was impressed they used some practical make up and possibly animatronics/puppet effects in combination with I think computer graphics and stop motion.  Some of those hold up better over time, but I've recently had a growing appreciation for practical effects and make up so I was totally cheering those on when I could spot them.
Great Quotes:
  • "One can swim in moonlight?" - Data
  • "We seek peaceful coexistence!" - Remmick
  •  "Friendship must dare to risk, Counselor, or it's not friendship." - Picard
Left off at:
Picard & Riker take on and kill Remmick who was hosting the 'queen' of the creatures, which killed the other ones off and Admiral Quinn makes a recovery.  There is an ominous thread left out there as Remmick set off a homing beacon from earth to a far reaching area of space.

Images Source: TrekCore


Anonymous said…
Boy, when that alien was growing inside the guy's neck, it was so creepy. I sure hope that they will do a lot more of the neck bulging alien films with many, many more special makeup bladders FX and creature FX.

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