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ST:TNG 1.11 Haven ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

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The Star Trek: The Next Generation re-watch continues with...

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1, Episode 11

  • When arriving at Haven, a place that seems to magically cure people of a variety of things, Deanna receives a message that her marriage ceremony will take place shortly. 
What it's really about:
  • what I got from it this time around is that going in the direction you think you need to go, or at one point felt compelled to go, can lead you in the right direction even if it feels confusing along the way.  This is more in reference to the journey of Wyatt's character, Deanna's betrothed, as he felt compelled to the marriage but it wasn't actually her that he was drawn to. 
  • I think there is also a strong piece in there that people and goals change over time. 
  • There is also a cautionary tale about biomedical warfare, with the arrival of the thought-to-be extinct Tarellians who are infected with a communicable, terminal illness after their world went to war.  
Character Focus:
  • Deanna, is the focus here as we learn a lot more about her, her past and Betazoid traditions.  We also see more into the previous relationship of Deanna and Riker, including the reason they split ways was because of his goal to be a starship captain, although he is very resistant but tries to remain distantly supportive of Deanna's pre-arranged marriage.
  • This episode is also the first one with Deanna's mother Lwaxana Troi (played by Majel Barrett who also voices the computer), and I *love* Lwaxana Troi.  Love her.  Talky, telephathic, hilarious, often not appropriate but holy smokes she's very entertaining and very much her own person.  It was a joy to see her on this ep, I can't wait for more with her. 
  • We also have Wyatt Miller (played by Robert Knepper), as Deanna's finance.  I was surprized he was human.
What I remembered about this episode:
  • I mostly remember Lwaxana's antics, like having a gong being ...gonged every time she takes a bite of food, and the of course shocking idea that Betazoid weddings have everyone go naked.  I also very much remember the blue outfit wore by the Tarellian Wyatt has fallen for, Ariana (pictured below)
What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
  • It took me most of the episode to try and figure out where I had seen the actor who plays  Wyatt Miller from.  I resisted looking it up until I figured out it was Robert Knepper, whom I most know from Prison Break where he plays a not-so-nice character of T-Bag.  He's a fabulous actor, so it was exciting to see him here.  I bet that will be the first of many guest stars that I end up knowing for multiple roles in other shows & films.
  • Picard is quite tender with Deanna when it looks like she'll be leaving the ship.
What feels different now, than then:
  • It feels very surprizing to have a pre-arranged marriage in the time of the show, especially as it was noted it was a human friend of Deanna's father that she's getting married to; if it was a Betazoid thing, it might have felt less confusing.
  • I was also really surprized that Deanna would leave the Enterprise once married, that seems crazy. 
  • It was also surprizing that Deanna would honour the agreement, or even commit to it in the first place.  But I thought it was cool she made the decision to stick with it. 
What remained the same:
  • Love, love, love Lwaxana.  It's so nice to have someone on the show that just doesn't follow the rules and does things like ask the captain to carry her luggage.  Inappropriate, likely, but it loosens things up!
What I see differently:
  • The moment they were beamed down to the planet, I thought it was another episode. I was very sad it wasn't, shall we say, more Yar-centric. Ah, well! I think that one is still Season 1 so it should be pretty soon.
  • The title feels a little odd as Haven is the name of the planet below, and they never go there.  The folks of Haven ask Picard to stave off the approaching Tarellian's which is a Federation obligation as Haven has no defenses.  I totally forgot Trek could work that way with treaty's and such.  I guess I focus more on the characters!
Great Quotes:
  • "I am Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. Who are you?" - Lwaxana Troi
  • "But I'm always serious, dear boy. Only my pleasant nature makes it appear otherwise." - Lwaxana Troi
  • "Our destiny is elsewhere. But I'm happy that yours is here with us, Counselor." - Picard
Left off at:
Wyatt sneaks off the Enterprise to transport to the Tarellian ship to meet the woman of his dreams (literally), and help the Tarellian with their medical condition even though it means he can likely never return.

Images Source: TrekCore


Suzie Ridler said...

Oh I remember this episode well because of Lwaxana, one of my favourite characters ever. She is hilariously inappropriate, isn't she Shannon? But so loving, passionate and wonderful. So happy to hear her character stands up to the test of time.

Her fiance was human? That I don't remember at all!

I think it's kind of weird now to assume Deanna would leave the Enterprise just because she was getting married, although I probably felt that way when I first saw it too but that's me, LOL.

Awesome Shannon! It's fun to experience the old episodes through you.

Shannon said...

You can really feel the love of Lwaxana, eh? I love how she loves life and speaks her mind. It's amazing how stiff everyone else seems in comparison!

Yes, her fiance was human and family friends with her father! Talk about surprizing.

I'm glad you are enjoying the posts Suzie :)

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