ST:TNG 1.06 Where No One Has Gone Before ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation Re-Watch

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The Star Trek: The Next Generation re-watch continues with...

Where No One Has Gone Before
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1, Episode 6

  • The Enterprise begrudgingly undergoes experimental warp drive tests to increase speed by the designer Kosinski, who is accompanied his assistant, mysteriously referred to as "The Traveller".
What it's really about:
  • The endgame intent of this episode appears to be to plant the seed that Wesley is a genius.
  • What I loved about the episode is that it really showcase how different people who consider themselves (or are) of 'superior' intelligence behave, interact with others and how they are received. On one had, we have Kosinski who is arrogant and abrasive and dismissing of people and on the other hand we have The Traveller who slips into the assistant role and almost goes unnoticed. But, *both* have moments where they say something to the effect of 'let me see if I can explain it to how you could understand' to the crew of The Enterprise. It oddly showcase that the folks on the ship don't know everything, but also serves as a reminder that just because you think something is outrageous, it doesn't mean it isn't possible. In fact, in reaffirms that grande ideas must be beyond conventional thinking.
  • There is also a thread about the power of controlling your thoughts, as the crew faces their thoughts becoming reality right in front of them as they travel to the other side of the universe.
Character Focus:
  • Wesley is the subtle focus here, and this episodes plants the seed of him being genius-level intelligence (and actually beyond convential-thinking smarts too) as noted by The Traveller and his request for Picard to encourage Wesley without interfering. With this in mind it will be interesting to see how this goes and how much of a focus it will be, especially as the fan reaction to the character may have backfired his prominent in the series. They also start to stop calling Wesley, "The Boy".
  • The Traveller and Kosinski and both really interesting guest characters on the
What I remembered about this episode:
  • Initially I thought of it as the Wunderkid episode, but in fact it isn't! Then I remembered it's the one that tells us Wesley is really smart. We get this message several times
What I noticed now, that I didn't notice then:
  • I think this is the first one where they have a moment where the title of the episode is clearly said by a character (Data).
  • I loved all the weird vision stuff, although some of it seems odd including Worf seeing a Klingon pet that he had (although didn't appear to be thinking about it at all, which is how I thought this time/space worked).
  • This actually shows humans/The Federation as not the superior, and another race is watching them. This is wild because we see The Federation do this in the future.
What feels different now, than then:
  • The idea of thoughts becoming, creating and intermingling with reality is pretty freaking awesome, and definitely more woo-woo than I remember Trek being.
  • Even more woo-woo, Picard orders the crew to think good and supportive thoughts for The Traveller to help him bring them back.
  • I do wonder how far they would have gone with Wesley's character if he has stayed more on this track.
  • It's a little weird to see the 'flinged very far away' idea done here, in light of the series Star Trek: Voyager.
  • I totally forgot that they ended up so far away, because when you've seen all the episodes there is almost no tension on a re-watch of anything that could be irrevocable, when it doesn't actually become irrevocable.
What remained the same:
  • I totally forget all the 'dream/thought images' is part of this episode with The Traveller and his calling attention to Wesley.
What I see differently:
  • I actually felt sympathy for Kosinski, how humbling and horrible it would be to think you were creating this hugely innovative discovery and then later find out it had very little to do with your work.
  • I love that Riker owns up to the fact that he ignored Wesley's warnings. I really like Riker. He might be one of, or 'the one', favourite character of mine on the show. Oh... but .. Picard is awesome... well, it's best not to play favourites. Either way, I'm impressed by Riker more and more.
Great Quotes:
  • "The truth is, Captain, I made a mistake - a wonderful, incredible mistake. " - Kosinski
  • "You do understand, don't you, that thought is the basis of all reality. The energy of thought, to put in your terms, is very powerful." - The Traveller
  • "Well, because, up until now - if-if you'll forgive this - you've been... uninteresting. " - The Traveller
Left off at:
The Traveller gets The Enterprise back to known space and out of danger; Picard agrees to the Travellers request to quietly encourage Wesley and he starts by making him acting ensign (which allows him to be on the bridge), strongly infers applying to Starfleet Academy is expected and tells Riker to make sure Wesley's duty roster is heavy on study.

Images Source: TrekCore


"Just because you think something is outrageous, it doesn't mean it isn't possible" - I just love that!

Because I'm watching these on Netflix I also got to see that in the next episode, Worf makes note of the fact the captain wants junior officers to "Learn, learn, learn," which seems to be what he picked up from watching Captain Picard emphasis study to Wesley. Fascinating!

I so agree with you about Riker. I remember how it took so long to warm up to him the first time round but not this time. He has a lot of heart, integrity and, often, joy, which is fun to see.

I'm loving coming to see what you've posted right after I watch an episode, hehe.
Shannon said…
Oh, I love that Learn, Learn, Learn line from Worf! It's wild to think of him as a junior officer in Season 1...and still in a red shirt even.

Riker is great! I feel bad that we didn't take to him for so long, but I really appreciate his joie de vivre, people skills and humour throughout the series.

You are really trekking though them! :)

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