Drawing Exploration of The Relationship Between 3 and 4

I feel like this blog has been a little all over the place (which makes it feel like it truly meets the definition of a personal blog, lol), and in effort to not have it completely bombarded by the (awesomeness of) Star Trek, I give you one of the things my brain thought up this week that had me pull out my sketchbook.

The Relationship Between 3 and 4
I had the idea of this before I even started drawing, and just literally thought of it as exploring 3 and 4. And quickly the 3 became a grouping of circles, surrounded by 4 lines. Sometimes I drew the circles first, sometimes the lines. Sometimes I drew a set that felt all the same, sometimes I tried to make them different. Sometimes I went by intuition, and other times I planned it a bit. At times I thought about what the image could look like, and others I just though "circle, circle, circle; line, line, line, line". And I kept repeating the grouping over and over again until I filled the whole page.

I like to do this as it creates a new pattern, and I like to see if that pattern retains the essence or feeling of the individual grouping, or takes on a life of it's one. I could do this for hours on end, using different (or the same) concepts or images to explore. I love repetition. Although it's the same thing over and over, it ends up turning into something else. I can rarely guess what that would be, so it's a surprize at the end.


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