The Power of Resistence

You know when you hear something, and then you can't un-hear it? It sticks in your brain and you keep coming back to it? I'm going through that right now because I just found out that my downstairs neighbor has 5 kittens. Kittens! Who doesn't like kittens? I love kittens. I've had my cat since he was just a little bigger than kitten-ish and I certainly remember Jamie's cat Jinx as a kitten. And then I though, I wonder if she'd let me see them?

But then I remembered the power of kittens. They draw you in. You want to keep them! And that wouldn't be super smart for me right now. So I'm going to resist asking or seeing the kittens, because I know I won't be able to resist the actual kittens.

Besides I have my own *big* kitten, who never really grew up.


Suzie Ridler said…
Oh man, that would be tough Shannon! And adorable to go see them but so hard not to take one home.
Shannon said…
I actually decided to resist the temptation and not see them :) I am surprized I don't hear their little 'mew mew's' though!
Suzie Ridler said…
Way to go Shannon! I'm surprised you didn't hear them too. Probably just as well.

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