Starting A-Fresh, Maybe ;)

I've not blogged here actively in quite a while (3 years or so - odd how so many things I'm coming back to or connect with are from 3 years ago), and before I jump in to say I'm going to commit to it again I think I'll be tentative and go with I'm going to start reading blogs again.

Yesterday, I did a HUGE clean up of my Google Reader, the majority of them aren't active or had the 'I'm coming back...' message and then... nothing. It happens. I know it happens.

After I culled through most of them (and many I'm sorry to see aren't writing anymore, or at least not at their old addy and with no (active) forwarding address), I added new feeds to my Google Reader. That was fun and exciting to cultivate a new list. I hope when I look at it tomorrow it's still exciting over crazy-overwhelming with all the new content to enjoy.

So, I'm back to reading. Maybe I'll get back to writing too. Or posting pictures. Or drawings. Or who knows what. We'll see. Hopefully!

And in true blog fashion, I will leave you with a cute cat picture:


Suzie Ridler said…
Welcome back to Planet Shannon, Shannon. Even if it's just for a while or whatever, it's your blog right?

I did the same thing with Google Reader and what a difference it made. I am glad you are finding new content for your reader as well, that rocks.

And yes, classic to have a cat photo and I never tire of seeing Mr. Man.

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