Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Rock Does Not Have To Crumble the Whole Plan


Twice in the past few days I've fallen off pattern or plans. I'm a pattern & planning freak so that can, or I'll correct myself and could have, but doesn't have to mess up all plans ever!

The first shift was when my *plans* effected my *pattern*. Last week I shared about getting back to reading blogs, and in doing so I ended up molding it into the daily fold of my life. Then yesterday I had something going on during the time in which I'd read them ( I totally skipped MPs, I'll admit it). Harmph. I didn't like this, but I knew I could read them when I got home or start again the next day, promissing myself not to FREAK OUT if it was overwhelming. I'm hoping when I start to dive through those 63 posts I still feel that way.

The second shift was when last week I decided to take another stab at what I coined "The Great Supernatural Summer Rewatch" *. I've attempted this every summer since 2009 to varying degrees of success. The show has a lot of layers to it and can be very self-referential, so that along with it have some very long-arcs to it can make it very enjoyable to rewatch. Last year I did make it through all the seasons, and this year I want to do that again. I tried earlier this summer but then faltered and almost decided to give it up. But, then I noticed it was starting a bit later this year and did the math which would give me a week to watch a season starting last week. So I dove in with Season 1 (of 7!) last week, and planned to finish by Sunday. I didn't quite make that, but I did finish up Season 2. I know it's crazy ambitious to try and get through it all, but I have a good feeling about it and am going to give it a go, even though I've already fumbled through a few steps.

So, rocky start(s) don't necessarily lead to everything tumbling down. I could have given up, I could have threw the rock and got mad, but instead I think I'll just say "Hey, look at that rock! I got by it and I'm still on my way". At least least that's how I'm feeling today

* Supernatural is a TV show starring Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles as brothers who are hunters fighting the supernatural, and I chat a lot about it with my sister Suzie over at Hexed. You can see my updates on "The Great Supernatural Summer Rewatch" on GetGlue.

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Suzie Ridler said...

So true Shannon! And way to go, getting back on that Supernatural horse. Or should I say unicorn? Talk about self-referrential!

You always impress the heck out of me with your dedication to a project and love that you managed to re-analyze the situation and go for it again.

Love that first photo BTW! Where the heck is that?

OMG, word verification is not my friend!