One Rock Does Not Have To Crumble the Whole Plan


Twice in the past few days I've fallen off pattern or plans. I'm a pattern & planning freak so that can, or I'll correct myself and could have, but doesn't have to mess up all plans ever!

The first shift was when my *plans* effected my *pattern*. Last week I shared about getting back to reading blogs, and in doing so I ended up molding it into the daily fold of my life. Then yesterday I had something going on during the time in which I'd read them ( I totally skipped MPs, I'll admit it). Harmph. I didn't like this, but I knew I could read them when I got home or start again the next day, promissing myself not to FREAK OUT if it was overwhelming. I'm hoping when I start to dive through those 63 posts I still feel that way.

The second shift was when last week I decided to take another stab at what I coined "The Great Supernatural Summer Rewatch" *. I've attempted this every summer since 2009 to varying degrees of success. The show has a lot of layers to it and can be very self-referential, so that along with it have some very long-arcs to it can make it very enjoyable to rewatch. Last year I did make it through all the seasons, and this year I want to do that again. I tried earlier this summer but then faltered and almost decided to give it up. But, then I noticed it was starting a bit later this year and did the math which would give me a week to watch a season starting last week. So I dove in with Season 1 (of 7!) last week, and planned to finish by Sunday. I didn't quite make that, but I did finish up Season 2. I know it's crazy ambitious to try and get through it all, but I have a good feeling about it and am going to give it a go, even though I've already fumbled through a few steps.

So, rocky start(s) don't necessarily lead to everything tumbling down. I could have given up, I could have threw the rock and got mad, but instead I think I'll just say "Hey, look at that rock! I got by it and I'm still on my way". At least least that's how I'm feeling today

* Supernatural is a TV show starring Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles as brothers who are hunters fighting the supernatural, and I chat a lot about it with my sister Suzie over at Hexed. You can see my updates on "The Great Supernatural Summer Rewatch" on GetGlue.


Suzie Ridler said…
So true Shannon! And way to go, getting back on that Supernatural horse. Or should I say unicorn? Talk about self-referrential!

You always impress the heck out of me with your dedication to a project and love that you managed to re-analyze the situation and go for it again.

Love that first photo BTW! Where the heck is that?

OMG, word verification is not my friend!

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