Finding New Rhythms

I was all excited about the new schedule/rhythm I had found for doing my Morning Pages* and reading my Google Reader and I was so excited about it. And then on the second day of that, I without even thinking about it changed my pattern and went out for coffee to do my MPs. Yep. But it's was okay because my reading was here to enjoy when I came home (even if there was no tea in the mug because... the mug was still at the coffee shop and long since drained!).

I rolled with it (not something I'm terrible good at) and it was good to chill out for coffee for a bit. I wish I would remember not to pick garbage day to go, which I often seem to pick, because it's a bit less of a 'lovely little stroll' when walking by the picked up bins. But hey, I'm very thankful that we have garbage pick up so I try to do my best to zen-out and let it be. Things might have turned out a bit different, and unexpected, and unintentional, but it would be okay.

* I like to call my Morning Pages "MPs", because, you know, the world needs more acronyms. And if you are unfamiliar with Morning Pages, it's a practice from the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. My sister Jamie has shared about developing them as a practice here.


Suzie Ridler said…
Learning to roll with it is a big deal Shannon, I am totally impressed! I have also often decided to go for my long walks on compost day. Blech! I am so glad you have your MPs going, they are so helpful.
Shannon said…
I find MPs totally help, they get a lot of the ARGH!!!! out and leave me with the goodies :)
Suzie Ridler said…
Totally can relate to getting the arghs outta there!

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