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Yesterday I shared that I was getting back to reading my Google Reader after a huge clean-up (both paring down & building up), and I was very curious to see if after 1 day if the results of new entries to enjoy were overwhelming.

Why I had to go to 'overwhelm' first is kind of telling, eh?

Guess what? It wasn't overwhelming! There were 10 lovely posts to enjoy (well 9, I didn't have to read my own...), and it was easy to enjoy them one at a time. Not overwhelming at all. In fact it was inspiring and made me think. Oddly, it made me think about logistics and habits a fair amount.

A Few Things I noticed:
  • I love that half-second moment where you see a text name of the picture before the image appears. It's pretty rare I'd champion waiting for a computer to do something, but that brief insight into peoples minds though their naming conventions is fascinating to me. Is it a name that is the item (Pink Crocs), or a number, or the cameras naming convention (DSC3309), or a stock image (Pencil86). It could be anything, just like a fast-unwrapping of a present it's very quickly revealed. Actually, thinking about it so intently it was sad when there wasn't any name but just the image! *
  • Would I read it in the reader, or click through? I clicked through a few times but in general I read them in the reader. Some are posted by a name other than who I associate them with, which felt a bit odd, especially when it's so clearly written by the blog author. I'm still mulling that one over.
  • The order in which I read them... usually I'm a in-order kind of person, and with this that would make it a top to bottom reading, but today I did that for a bit and then jumped around, and saved on that I was really looking forward to for last (which was Andrea Schroeder sharing Episode 2 of Creative Dream TV and how to handle limiting beliefs, fear, doubt and shame)
  • After I read them, I closed Google Reader. I know new posts will likely come up today, but I can enjoy them tomorrow morning a-fresh instead of darting my eye over to the tab through the day to see if anything is new. They will keep until tomorrow, when I have a nice cuppa tea to enjoy them with.
*for the record, the naming convention I like3 to use is date taken and then a description (ie 2012.08.16 Computer) so that I can easily sort them chronologically in explorer. I know it's not the best SEO way, but that's not my focus. I do it so I can sort and find stuff on my computer. If you want to give that way a try, remember you have to have a word after, otherwise it cuts off the last number for some reason which is really weird.


Andrea said…
Ohmygosh that is the best compliment ever! Big hugs!
Shannon said…
You are welcome Andrea! I've been very inspired by your videos and I always look forward to your new posts :)
Suzie Ridler said…
I have to figure out a way to do that organization trick Shannon, that is so smart! It is so lovely to pair down blogs to the ones that you really want to read regularly. I did that too and what a difference. And so awesome not to be overwhelmed! I'm glad that you found a system that works for you Shannon. :)
Shannon said…
It took a while to do Suzie, but it was very worth it. I hadn't looked at it for so long that now the ones I've brought in are very managable (so far!) And I've totally given myself permission to add or remove on how I feel, it's my reading and I can cultivate it any way I like!

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