Megalist Check In: 126. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - The X-Files (Season 3)

Time to check in on one of my Mega-List item! Looking at 126: Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - The X-Files, Season 3 - DONE.

Warning: The X-Files spoilers for season 1 - 3 AHEAD.

I'm a little behind on writing this as I'm already well into Season 4, but I realized I stopped watching that Season because I hadn't checked in. So, to stop that cycle and get be back on The X-Files watching train, let's check in on how Season 3 faired in my re-watch.

Where Season 2 dived into real danger for Mulder and Scully and starts very much in this vein, they get back to adding some fun episodes and ideas in and around all the danger, conspiracy and arcs. There are also huge sets of episodes in the early and mid season that have no tie to the arc, but they do start to bring in not conspiracy but religion element in terms of belief vs fact vs paranormal theme brewing. I almost forgot they did that.

Fave Episodes:
  • 3.03 D.P.O. Guest stars Giovanni Ribisi as a guy who sole-survives lightning and then has the ability to control electric-ness. Co-Stars Jack Black! This season has so many awesome guest stars. I've always really liked this episode, and when I was younger I was a huge fan of lightning (I know, weird), I'm not sure what it was about this one that got me, perhaps how tragic it is.
  • 3.13 Syzygy First off: coolest, hard-to-spell title. I loved the total mayhem the girls in this episode created, and the astrological element and I hate to say it but Scully increasing impatient behaviour was amusing. It's also actually quite funny as it demonstrates how rarely the show ever has anything like jealousy or gender power imbalance.
  • 3.20 Jose Chung's From Outer Space Hands-down my favourite episode of the season and it's in the running for my favourite episode ever. It follows a writer, Jose Chung, interviewing for accounts of a Men In Black and abduction encounter as research for his book. Goes with a different structure with different POVs; especially of same encounters, as well as the depictions how other perceive Mulder and Scully. Plus awesome guest star of Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebeck.
Least Fave Episodes of the Season:
  • 3.18 Teso Dos Bichos Cursed object episode on an acheological dig a human skull is unearth and when dug up instead of left people begin to do. I was in a bit of a mood while watching, but I was also so disintereted that I barely paid attention and I don't remember how it ended.
  • 3.19 Hell Money One of the only episodes I've remembered so strongly over the years as the idea of it is so disturbing, the desperation of gambling to win back their debt or lose organs. It still creeps me out. I didn't even want to re-watch it.
Weird Re-occurrence
Early in the season there is a weird 4-episode run of serial killer cases (creepy!)
3.04 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose - Fortune/Future Telling (serial killer)
3.05 The List - Reincarnation (serial killer)
3.06 2Shy - Fat-consuming human(?) (serial killer)
3.07 The Walk - Astral Projection (serial killer)

Closing Thoughts:
  • I love that they balanced the arc episodes with some just straight-up fun episodes, where it really showcases how much we've come to know and love the characters because of when times where they are out of character more than when they are in. It's done very well in 3.12 War of the Coprophages, that has Mulder constantly phoning Scully asking for help on inadvertant case he follows while skygazing, but almost everything is easily explained by science as we see Scully doing very normal day to day things from giving Quegqueg a bath to cleaning guns to eating ice cream. It's really funny.
I think I'll close with my fave line of the season "A frog holocast is currently underway and man is the executioner" - 3.22 Quagmire

I'm Re-Watching the X-Files is part of my Mega-List. See also my reflections re-watching Season 1 and Season 2.


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