Megalist Check-in: #113 - Watch Stargate SG-1 (Season 9)

Warning: Spoilers (casting) for Season 9 of Stargate SG-1 Ahead

I'm still trucking through Stargate SG-1, finishing up Season 9 last week and wow this season felt like quite a roller coaster. I mentioned previously that I didn't quite take to the casting changes but even with some bumpy bits over the season they did seem to find their rhythm with the new character make up. I will admit I don't quite understand the arc/aliens/focus (that's the norm for me with this show!), but I'm okay with that.

I think the highlight seems to yet again be the guest stars (Tony Todd! Cameron Bright! Darcy Laurie!) and after initially not taking to Vala (played by Claudia Black) I found once I thought of her as a female Han Solo, I understood her a lot better. That being said I really miss the characters of Jack & Hammond and am literally confused when I see Beau Bridges on the show because I 'see' this character from The Fabulous Baker Boys and that doesn't quite mesh with scifi/military theme. Teal'c with hair also makes me do a double take, funny the things you grow so accustom to.

I'm very glad to be in for the final stretch with diving into Season 10. In about a month I should be complete on this goal! Who knew it would take sooooooooooooo long!


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