Update: 126. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - The X-Files (Season 2)


Warning - Spoilers for X-Files Season 1 & 2 Ahead!

I've been keeping at chipping away at my re-watching and most recent focus has been Season 2 of The X-Files. I was suprized to find that in comparison to after the awesome experience of re-watching Season 1, that Season 2 was not quite as fun an experience. In general, I always love the setting of the stage, so introductions to worlds and characters a fave exploration of mine and that's what we experienced in Season 1. With Season 2 we have a lot more conflict, tension, seeds of the greater arcs & conspiracies and a heck of a lot of danger. I mean real danger. There was often the threat of such in Season 1 but it was often distanced or near-miss scenario, whereas Season 2 hits some really tough marks. There is also some tension between Mulder & Scully in terms of thought-of or misunderstood support which is a challenge too. It's funny, I had no idea how much I find Season 1 *fun* to watch until I had this for comparison. That being said, Season 2 has lots of awesome moments, stories and characters.

Here are some of my faves moments/characters (MAJOR SPOILERS for X-Files Season 2):
  • Alex Krycek - okay, he's certainly not a nice guy (or is he?) but DANG he's an interesting character.
  • Lots of Lone Gunman in this season, they are so much fun.
  • Back-story-a-rama, Hello Scully's family! Hello Mulder's Family! Oh my, is there more conspiracy here?
  • Scully getting abducted was scary! Still don't know by whom.
  • Really scary ideas - Sleepless & F. Emasculata both really creeped me out, as well as Scully getting abduted especially as it's not resolved by what/whom.
  • Lots of fun 'signs of the times'; cell phones with antenna's, videoconferencing, very vocal animal rights activists, AI, huge computers, etc. All that stuff is a lot of fun.
  • I think my fave moment is Skinner and punching out X. When he shows up without his glasses on I was like...oh my...I'm feeling faint.
Least Fave-ness of the Season:
X-Files Closed! Then covertly operated! Then re-opened (as if they woudln't.. it's the title of the show!). Then threatened to close! Whelp. People are driven by the tension of things, so I guess I understand it. Plus several to be continued episodes (2 within the series, plus cliffhanger season ender), I closure at the end of the ep even if I watch them back-to-back-to-back.

Weird Re-occurrence - Three times there were back to back episodes where the focus/creature/pararnormal connection was very similar:
  • 2.12 Aubrey with a genetic serial killer-memory passed down then 2.13 Irresistible was also a serial killer.
  • 2.14 Die Hand Die Verletzt was witch/black magic then 2.15 Fresh Bones was voodoo
  • 2.20 Humbug was Twins that can join and unjoin and 2.21 The Calusari was Twin evil spirit
Fave Episode:
  • Død Kalm -the 'Heavy Salt' episode mostly set on the water. I always love anything on the water, and this one also had some lovely Norwegian-ness.
Closing Thoughts:
Although I watched this season intermittently when it originally aired and have rewatched it in syndication and on DVD, there were lots of things I didn't remember in terms of the long term story arc. I have a general idea of how season 3 begins but in the big picture of things, I don't remember what's going to happen which is both hilarious and exciting. Every time I see something that's part of the bigger piece of things I'm like "OH... yeah! Green..blood? Tank-like guy... I remember... kinda..."

I think I need to take a break before diving into Season 3 as right now we are coming back from March Madness breaks of new programming and going into the final stretch of season and I have lots that I'm watching right now. I'm quite enjoying this re-watch, even though it isn't the first I've never made it all the way through before. Hopefully this time I will, starting with Season 3 which I aim to start watching in May or June.

I'm Re-Watching the X-Files is part of my Mega-List. See also my post of re-watching Season 1 here.




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