Megalist Check-in: #113 - Watch Stargate SG-1


Warning: Spoilers for Season 8/9 of Stargate SG-1 Ahead (mostly casting)

It boggles my mind that I've been watching Stargate SG-1 since last July and even recently I still feel much on the fence on how much I enjoy the show. I have several times gotten close to considering not watching, and then there is a great episode that highlights the characters so well which wins me back.

And then there was the Season 8 Finale / Season 9 opening.

Going into the Season 8 Finale if felt like it was totally going to be one of the episodes I love, an episode where we get to see characters in different lights which lets the viewer know how much we know them, and want to see them as they actually are. Moments like saying "Daniel totally got over that!" or "Sam is more confident that that!" or "Jack...", okay O'Neill is on O'Neill 100% of the time, no mattr which permutation or parallel or re-interpretation; which is what makes him O'Neill. That's how Season 8 left us with, but than Season 9. Wow. Season 9 is totally different.

Season 9 has huge cast changes including the addition of Claudia Black as Vala. It's not her first appearance on the show but after a few eps it's clear she's here to stay. I love Claudia Black, I have from the moment I first saw here in Pitch Black and from years of seeing here on Farscape. But I don't love Vala. I feel like they wanted to add some OOMPH to the show and there she is, encased in leather and leaving a cascade of lured folks in her wake. I'm totally not digging it. It's actually one of the things I liked about the show was that they rarely had that element to it. But, at some point I realized to think of her as a sort of Han Solo character which works better, but it still isn't quite working for me.

Then we have the huge change with the addition of Ben Browler in Season 9, which I knew was coming and honestly thought it would be sooner, but even so it feels so strange. I also know him from Farscape and seeing him, especially how he is introduced to the show as wanting to lead/be a part of SG-1 but the original 4 aren't really 'there' as they've done their time. That theme has such a strong melancholy tone to it feels like it meta-echos the too-soon conclusion of Farscape.

It does seem to settle in after a few episodes but the shift in tone and focus stays and I'm not super-keen on. Even though I really love the new actors I'm not digging the show as much. With being so close to the end I can't imagine not really sticking with it, even though I'll freely admit I multitask while I watch and it's really the sense of completion along with watching being quite firmly entrenched in my schedule are the factors keeping me tuning it.

It's really strange to feel both compelled to complete watching but also not overly connected or even that well versed in the show or universe. But being a creature of habit and having cultivated the habit of watching it's unlikely I would do anything BUT finish it.

Only 1 1/2-ish seasons to go. Will I change my mind... again? Won't be too long to find out.




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