Update on 113. Watch Stargate SG-1


Mega-List update time! So I knew taking 'watch Stargate SG-1' was an big task, but holy moly I feel like I've been watching it FOR-EV-ER! And I'm not done. Started in July 2011 and I'm getting closer, but still not done. 128 episodes in and currently watching Season 8 (of 10) as it runs Monday - Friday on Space. They shifted the time from 6pm to 7pm earlier this year which totally messed me up, but I've since adjusted and now am back to seeing almost every episode, and I'm really thankful they continue to show it. Although my general natures is being a completist, I'm giving myself some leeway on this one when I've missed chunks of it when I'm covering festivals and such and considering there are 214 episodes I think it's okay to miss a few.

It's kind of strange to have been watching the series for so long now and continuing to stick with it even though I'm not a super fan or even really understand the world, logic, science or everything that happens. There are even some regular characters that I likely couldn't name. It's a lot of time to dedicate without having that energy behind it, especially for me. But again, the times I've considering stop watching it I always get won over by an amazing episode or moment that makes it worth it. Often guest stars win me like S7Ep03Fragile Balance with Michael Welch (who is fantastic in a very unique, and funny role), S7Ep07 Enemy Mine which had Michael Rooker and S6Ep05 Nightwalkers with Michael Eklund. Ha, who knew guest stars name Michael would win me over?

Characters do tend to be what keeps me with any series and I do like the main case and have also been quite taken with one of the reoccuring characters. But, it's odd that I'm a healthy way into Season 8 and there are characters I've heard about that STILL aren't on the show yet! I mean, there is only so much left. I'm actively not doing the time math to find out when I will sum up because if I had realized it would take this long going in I might not have done it (and I'll pretend to forget that when I tackle other 10-ish-seasons shows!).

My last GRR on the show is that I was tracking it pretty religiously on Get Glue (as well as my own spreadsheet of course), but at some point the page I would check into was deleted, likely as there were duplicate Stargate pages so I had to start again from 0 check ins. That did *not* make me happy! I want that super-dooper-elite-fan sticker! Ah well, just one of the many bumps I've had along the way, but I'm not going to let it get in my way! Carrying on I go!

If you too are a Get Glue-er, you can see my updates here.



Mike Crate said…
One of the beauties of Stargate SG1 maybe more so than the other two shows in the franchise is how easy it can be to just go with the flow. Guest actors has always been the highlight of the show even more so when you recognise them years after the fact like Grace Park.
Shannon said…
Wow, great insight Mike! I've definitely found the flow easy to follow in SG-1 for sure, they are usually pretty and contextualizing in the bigger picture stuff with refresher content and have lots and lots of episodes that slowly build and/or are stand alone.

I watched most of Universe and barely understood any of it, and usually shy away from Atlantis because I'm focused on SG-1 but I think I could jump into that ship soon as I've seen some crossover. I say that, although it's unlikely I'd intermingle them in all honesty!

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