126. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - The X-Files (Season 1)


Mega-List Updating: 126. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - The X-Files

Season 1 Check In.

I just BURNED through Season 1 of The X-Files, I honestly am not sure how I managed to watch the 24 episodes in just over 2 weeks especially considering there is a lot of great new programming on. I might have still been sick when I started, but whatever the reason I'm happy I did it because it's a really great show and it will take me a long time to get through all the seasons so I might as well get started.

That being said, I don't want to race through it as unlike others that I re-watch, I don't half watch it/half do something else with The X-Files. I *watch* it. Eyes on screen, all the time. I keep tabs on Mulder and Scully, looking for pieces that may thread into the larger arc, guest stars, if they identified (correctly or at all) the monster/focus of the week, if it was resolved, etc. Okay, occasionally I glance at my knitting..., but in general it's a full-focus-viewing experience. Maybe that's what's drawing me to it, because I want to have focused attention.

I really enjoyed re-watching Season 1 and I wonder if it will end up being my favourite season; it certainly feels like the one I know the best. I vividly remember when the series started and was an avid watcher then as well, taping it as it was on a time I often worked or was out (Fridays if I remember right), and then would watch in the wee hours when I got home or at a friends house. I can't believe that was back in 1993. Almost 20 years ago. Wow.

It's a pretty strong first season and although there are ones that really grossed me out (1.19 Darkness Falls), there are so many episodes I loved. In particular I really loved the pilot episode, even though there are some over dramatic moments, it still shines as a great introduction to the characters of Mulder and Scully, and has some great lines and moments. I also love how quickly they established the strength of Scully's character, and the banter between Scully & Mulder quickly and easily forms within just a few episodes. It's wild because so many of the ideas in terms of the paranormal they go through on this show I now see time and time again on other TV shows, but often this was the first place I'd heard of it. The season has some great guest stars, some really scary concepts (1.08 Space and 1.13 Gender Bender both really freaked me out) and possibly my favourite episode ever of the series: 1.07 Ice; which I now know was an intentional homage to the 1982 John Carpenter film The Thing.

After watching the finale of Season 1 of The X-Files earlier this week, I did really want to dive into Season 2, but I also felt really strongly about taking a moment to think about the season, write to about it here and check in on my thoughts which are mostly that it rocked. I was also slightly avoiding having to dig through the huge MESS of stuff that the season 2 discs where hiding behind (see below). Ah, the reality of small spaces and often lead to 'piling'. Sigh.

But, the happy news is, now that I've taken that moment and dived behind that piles, I can jump on to Season 2! Woohoo!

I track my X-Files viewings over at Get Glue, if you are a Get Glue-r you can see my updates here!



Wow, I loved re-experiencing the X-Files through your re-experiencing of the X-Files! I'll be interested to hear which season ends up being your fav!

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