#128 Read/Watch all of Shakespeare

This is a sub-list for The Mega List to track item #128: Read/Watch all of Shakespeare. I've already read several of the plays and seen many of them performed either live or on film, but often it was by chance over choice. I decided to turn the tables and choose to read and watch them instead.

The order I came up with is as chronological as I could find with as much swapping back and forth between comedies, tragedies and histories while keeping any set of plays together. It's only a guideline though, I'm happy to jump around if films or performances are going to be available to see - although I will endeavour to read the plays first.

I'm primarily interested in doing this as the stories have survived for so long yet they continue to resonate through traditional and non-traditional interpretations. I'm oddly a fan or reinterpretation, and this is somewhere we definitely see. Plus - usually it's a fantastic opportunity to see fabulous acting.

Read: 3/40
Watched: 2/40

1. Two Gentlemen of Verona, The (read)
2. Titus Andronicus
3. Comedy of Errors, The
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Taming of the Shrew, The
6. Henry VI, Part 1
7. Henry VI, Part 2
8. Henry VI, Part 3
9. Richard III
10. Midsummer Night's Dream, A
11. Merchant of Venice, The
12. Richard II
13. Henry IV, Part 1
14. Henry IV, Part 2
15. Henry V
16. Love's Labour's Lost
17. Much Ado About Nothing
18. Julius Caesar
19. As You Like It
20. Twelfth Night
21. Hamlet
22. All's Well That Ends Well
23. Troilus and Cressida
24. Merry Wives of Windsor, The
25. Macbeth
26. King Lear
27. Measure for Measure
28. Othello
29. Antony and Cleopatra
30. Pericles, Prince of Tyre
31. Cymbeline
32. Tempest, The (read Dec 2010* and watched)
33. Winter's Tale, The
34. Henry VIII - alt title: All is True
35. Two Noble Kinsmen, The
36. Coriolanus (read & watched)
37. King John
38. Timon of Athens
39. Love's Labour's Won
40. History of Cardenio, The

* I'm giving myself 1 out for reading The Tempest as I read in less than a year before this challenge in anticipation of the Julie Taymor film version.


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