Mega-List #123 Complete: Re-watch Moonlight


It's so funny how the easiest to complete are often finite. This one was to watch 16 episodes of Moonlight, a fantastic although short-lived vampire/human romance involving a PI & a crime journalist. It came out just before the Twi-Hype and stars Alex O'Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0) and Sophia Myles (Outlander) and I loved it. Again. I watched it in 2010 when the CW broadcasted it during the summer, but they missed 3 episodes that never aired (I believe due to the writers strike) which left for a confusing conclusion; I am very happy I watched all the way through as it runs much better in full sequential order. And as a bonus I get to cross this off not only my Mega-List but also my 2011 Owned/Unseen DVD list, which is a happy accident and totally unintentional. Another Mega-List task 100% complete!


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