Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Coriolanus: #128 Read/Watch all of Shakespeare


With the reading of all of Shakespeare Mega-ness, I made up a whole system of what order to read and watch everything in, but I decided to include some leeway in case an opportunity presented itself to see something outside my historically-based although somewhat-haphazard viewing order. I bumped up Coriolanus as there is the upcoming film adaptation directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes, although that wasn't the version I watched but rather a 1984 BBC Complete Works of Shakespeare production that I got from the library.

I think I'm willing to give a lot of give with this category, because the stories are so interesting, layered and rich that I know many of them I'll probably see again and again and again. Although I've committed to reading them first I've received a few interesting suggestions including listening to the plays via audio-book, or that the traditional way is to watch first and then read. I wonder if I'll try out those approaches. Only time will tell!

Even though Coriolanus isn't a play I was even aware of before this Mega-task, I can sense the keen pulse of the times to exploring it now as it deals with a man returned from war who is not received well (at least that's my basic interpretation/impression). Watching the BBC version was fascinating, it's very old school and I loved how they captured movement, crowds, and fighting in a theatrical way. I also was floored by the performance of Mike Gwilym as Aufidius, which reminded me that if I primarily watch film/TV then I miss out on a whole wealth of stage actors who are amazing. It's a very male-centric play, although there are some awesome women in it included Coriolanus' mother and the interesting character of Lady Valeria, plus it had great phrases like 'Praise Jupiter'. That was pretty awesome.

I'm looking forward to the Ralph Fiennes version which was at TIFF in 2011, and I keep my eyes open for a regular release date but nothing locked yet so far. I may even read it again before it comes out.

#128 Read/Watch all of Shakespeare

This is a sub-list for The Mega List to track item #128: Read/Watch all of Shakespeare. I've already read several of the plays and seen many of them performed either live or on film, but often it was by chance over choice. I decided to turn the tables and choose to read and watch them instead.

The order I came up with is as chronological as I could find with as much swapping back and forth between comedies, tragedies and histories while keeping any set of plays together. It's only a guideline though, I'm happy to jump around if films or performances are going to be available to see - although I will endeavour to read the plays first.

I'm primarily interested in doing this as the stories have survived for so long yet they continue to resonate through traditional and non-traditional interpretations. I'm oddly a fan or reinterpretation, and this is somewhere we definitely see. Plus - usually it's a fantastic opportunity to see fabulous acting.

Read: 3/40
Watched: 2/40

1. Two Gentlemen of Verona, The (read)
2. Titus Andronicus
3. Comedy of Errors, The
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Taming of the Shrew, The
6. Henry VI, Part 1
7. Henry VI, Part 2
8. Henry VI, Part 3
9. Richard III
10. Midsummer Night's Dream, A
11. Merchant of Venice, The
12. Richard II
13. Henry IV, Part 1
14. Henry IV, Part 2
15. Henry V
16. Love's Labour's Lost
17. Much Ado About Nothing
18. Julius Caesar
19. As You Like It
20. Twelfth Night
21. Hamlet
22. All's Well That Ends Well
23. Troilus and Cressida
24. Merry Wives of Windsor, The
25. Macbeth
26. King Lear
27. Measure for Measure
28. Othello
29. Antony and Cleopatra
30. Pericles, Prince of Tyre
31. Cymbeline
32. Tempest, The (read Dec 2010* and watched)
33. Winter's Tale, The
34. Henry VIII - alt title: All is True
35. Two Noble Kinsmen, The
36. Coriolanus (read & watched)
37. King John
38. Timon of Athens
39. Love's Labour's Won
40. History of Cardenio, The

* I'm giving myself 1 out for reading The Tempest as I read in less than a year before this challenge in anticipation of the Julie Taymor film version.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hands Up How To

Jamie encouraged us on a recent podcast and online to share something that we learned the hard way, in an effort to others that hard journey. Wouldn't it be nice if someone just told us to place a loaf of bread on top of eggs in a bag on their own and carry by hand? Okay, that was my first thought but I decided to something that might be more helpful for those of use who do a lot of online writing & posting and have to deal with formatting frustrations. You know 'em, formatting frustrations, when all of a sudden your post has oodles of added formatting be it text or odd images or who knows what and you can't get rid of it. Here's how.

You can easily ditch any formatting in one simple way: Use Notepad.

It's a text-based program, you'll likely find it on your computer under 'All Programs, Accessories'

Copy text
Paste into Notepad.

Voilà! No formatting.

See that accent on Voilà? It's courtesy of pasting into Notepad.

More Notepad de-formatting uses:
  • You can past any accented letter: é, ǽ, ǿ....
  • It's also great if you have a list in Excel but don't want all the formatting & columns? Paste into notepad!
  • Have text within charts? Dump it in Notepad (might require some re-jigging to line things up)
  • And of course any block of text with formatting attached to it, be it links or styles like bold, italics, etc.
But, ... I want my Formatting!
  • Okay, we can make that work too. Notepad ditches formatting when you need it, but it can also keep it. For blog folk, you can copy the straight HTML from the 'Edit HTML' tab view of your post paste it into notepad. It will keep all that handy dandy HTML formatting. Remember when you paste it back to use the 'Edit HTML' post window again for the best results :)
More uses for keeping the HTML:
  • Do you have templates you use for re-occuring posts? Save your template in HTML format in notepad, work on new posts there and then and you have the formatting all ready for your re-occuring posts to post online. You can even work with this template if you find yourself offline. Plus, you'll a back up.
  • Also, having your work in HTML format is great way to share a post it if you are guest posting because it's more universal than sending a link or linked text in an email or post as it works across more platforms. It's also handy to have your bio, contact details, etc if you write guest posts, are a guest or contribute to a collective site.
  • You can also copy your HTML post, put it in Word to spell check and then dump it back to Notepad to remove all the extra formatting Word adds.
What's so awesome about Notepad is that it can both retain or remove things you want to keep or want to ditch, once you know your formatting needs. I use it every single day and it's saved me hours of re-jigging, re-formattting and fixing. It works. I hope it saves you time & formatting frustration :)

Mega-List #123 Complete: Re-watch Moonlight


It's so funny how the easiest to complete are often finite. This one was to watch 16 episodes of Moonlight, a fantastic although short-lived vampire/human romance involving a PI & a crime journalist. It came out just before the Twi-Hype and stars Alex O'Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0) and Sophia Myles (Outlander) and I loved it. Again. I watched it in 2010 when the CW broadcasted it during the summer, but they missed 3 episodes that never aired (I believe due to the writers strike) which left for a confusing conclusion; I am very happy I watched all the way through as it runs much better in full sequential order. And as a bonus I get to cross this off not only my Mega-List but also my 2011 Owned/Unseen DVD list, which is a happy accident and totally unintentional. Another Mega-List task 100% complete!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mega-List Update - The First of the Completes!


I am so exited to share that 2 of the items on my lists are completes!

Complete: 109. Watch Fringe Season 2 & 3

How I did this through the packed summer of the unexpected move and that crazy rush turn around on Season 3 which barely had time between DVD release and new episodes - and that was in and around TIFF. Wow. no idea how I did that. But I did! I'm not all caught up on Fringe and Suzie & I can podcast through Season 4 over at Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural. Big thank you to Suzie & My Mom for buying me these seasons on DVD for my birthday this year!

Complete: Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Supernatural

This one has been an attempted-annual-summer tradition for a few years. I started watching Supernatural when it first came out but didn't like the gender stuff (which it's still not great at...), and then gave it another try again in 2009 when it's first four seasons went into syndication on Dusk.tv (then Scream), and almost caught up on Season 4 to watch Season 5 live but just missed it and had a bit of a cross over. Then in 2010 I tried to do this again and I got almost through season 4 but not 5 when a car ran into the house I was living in. So, no luck there. But this year even with the move I made it through all 5 seasons I have DVD and also re-watched Season 6 before it hit DVD. I really love this show, and the fact that it usually has a monster of the week + season arc makes it highly rewatchable. It also refers back to it's own lore over and over which again, merits enjoyable rewatching. But it's the sibling story of Sam & Dean that keeps me coming back for more. This is another one I chat about regularly with my sister Suzie over at Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural, we are talking about Season 7 right now but it was was one of the first shows we ever discussed. And if it goes into and 8th season in 2012 I will try to re-watch them all (again) next summer. It's tradition!

Progress on: Watch Stargate SG-1

Still plugging through and I'm into Season 4 (of 10) now with a few of Season 1 to catch up on . missed a few episodes during TIFF and a one of on the odd occasion. Usually I watch it while I work out, and although it's not super sticking with me. I also realized that the combination of military team + lots of historical-centric story lines is exact reason I didn't watch it in the first place as neither are terribly appealing. Yet, every time I think about giving it a miss an awesome episode comes out. So I'm going to keep at it.


Progress on: 28. See a film in each one of the 24 theatres at AMC Yonge & Dundas 24

TIFF had AMC Yonge & Dundas as one of their venues again this year which led to lots of film watching in oddly the same theatres:

AMC 2: The Raid, 388 Arletta Avenue and Arirang
AMC 7 (ETX): Fable of the Fish / Isda and Livid / Livide

Have to say, it was slightly strange to see the Filipino family drama Fable of the Fish / Isda in the crazy super huge mega pixaled ETX theatre. It was cool, but just not used to seeing non-action films there!

This has me at seeing films in 4/24 theatres. Not bad!


Progress Made On:

127. Read all the novels of Stephen King: 2 down, Many to go!

Read The Gunslinger which is the first of many in The Dark Tower series. Pretty dark, but pretty cool. Still not totally sure on the world, or how it works but it's definitely a western with threads in both supernatural and post apocalyptic woven in. I don't totally love the characters being iconic western vein of distanced and cold, but I'm curious about the story and the world and how it works. Will definitely continue to the next one.

128. Read & see performance/film of all the plays of William Shakespeare: 1 of 38 or 40 plays read

I read The Two Gentlemen of Verona, but honestly I didn't retain much from it. I remember a ring. And a woman. And a confidant. That's about it. I assume there were 2 gentlemen, but I don't remember them. A buddy relayed that the normal tradition is to watch the plays first, and then read which I'm considering but I'm worried that first watch will hold super strong in my head and one of the things I love about Shakespeare (or any play), is the countless possible different interpretations. I'm not sure if I'll switch to watching first then reading, but the good thing is with so many titles to get through I have the opportunity to likely test both methods to see which one I like best. I also was going to try to read them chronologically but I think I'll try Coriolanus next as it has the upcoming film adaptation Ralph Fiennes. I might actually own that one. Although finding it .. that will be the challenge.

Above: index cards that are my regular Sunday to do's. Yes, that is a lot of to do's!

Progress on: 79. Create/use a to do system that works for me

I've gone back to using a tickler system (from the Getting Things Done book by David Allen), which really works for me as I have lots of tasks that repeat, sometimes on regular intervals, sometimes not and this system allows for that flexibility. I also modified it a bit and actually carry my to dos of the day with me while I'm out and about and can re-file them when I get home. I don't always get everything done, but it's an easier way to be able to figure out what to do and what to leave especially since some things can wait a day, and some can't. I feel greatly empowered by knowing what I've done, what is left to get done and the best thing really is a sense of relief that I'm aware and in control of what I do. There is no niggling about the back of my brain wondering if I've forgotten something, and that is a huge relief. I've been using the system for several weeks now and it's a daily practice that is rally working for me. Hmm, because this is a perpetual thing, it's hard to say it's a 'complete' but it might be. I think I'll give it a few more weeks, maybe until the year and it's still sticking I'll says it's complete.

I have realized though that this system doesn't work (for me) as a Create/use an idea capturing system that works for me (#78.), but I'm hoping to find/use/implement one of those very soon.

And I can't help but again end on a cute cat picture. Again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mega-List Update: Reading, Watching & Push Ups

Library Loot recently had lots of Mega-List goodness in it!

Mega-List Update

Been a busy past 2 weeks and I’m made some progress on several of the Mega-List items. Been lax-ing on word collection as I’m still finessing my general idea collection system(s), but I have been following my nose when I find new words and trying to always be clear and use the correct words for things. But let’s look at what I did do, as opposed to what I didn’t.

28. See a film in each one of the 24 theatres at AMC Yonge & Dundas 24
I saw The Help in #3, which brings me to 3/24 theatres with no repeats (yet!). #3 is a mid-sized theatre and I've seen many films in that one especially Cinefranco in 2010 and several showings of The Wild Hunt. I don't know why I remember that.

33. Interview 20 directors / 34. Interview 20 actors
This was so exciting, not long after my original posting of the Mega-List I got and email asking if I would be interested in interviewing director André Øvredal & actor Glenn Tosterud on their film Trollhunter, a Norwegian documentary-style monster movie. I said HELL YA! Well, I said something a little more professional, but when I got the email I did a big happy dance and said "HELL YA!" It was great to chat with the guys, and I'm impressed I managed to pull off a long-distance, recorded call to the UK with 2 awesome guys about their films. I even did my best to speak a little Norwegian, I hope that went over well. You can read or listen to the interview, and I highly recommend checking out the film (see more info over at the film review). I interviewed them together so I guess that makes it feel like this counts as 1 interview. Woot!


109. Watch Fringe Season 2 & 3
I’m well into Season 2 of Fringe and although it’s not as arc-y or as tight as Season 1 I'm still really enjoying it. Love the characters BIG TIME. I can't wait to dive into more and every day I'm think to myself "Do I have time to watch some Fringe?" I've done some predictions and ramblings of the show over at Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural, but I am working really hard to avoid any spoilers. I should finish Season 2 sometime with week and than have to wait until September for Season 3, which is coming my way thanks to my Mom who got it for me for my birthday this summer.

113. Watch Stargate SG-1
I’ve been continuing to work though Season 1 & 2 con-currently. It's still not really grabbing me, although I do know the characters better and there was one mid-season 2 episode that was really entertaining. I’ll stick with it.

125. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD – Supernatural
Still working through Season 4, watching Ep 19 Jump the Shark at this very moment and should be one to Season 5 sometime this week. Trick will be getting Season 6 in before the new season starts in late September.


127. Read all the novels of Stephen King
Actually have a complete – I read Carrie. Man, that's a messed up book. Very dark, very heartbreaking and a unique storytelling style that I enjoyed. And I see why the lots of the books are in order but not noted as a series, because there was a small character whose name I recognized from a totally different work by Stephen King which makes me happy with my decision to read these in chronological order. I’m planning on reading about 54 of his books, mostly novels, some non-fiction and maybe some collections. I’ll do a separate list of the titles at some point but right now I’m counting is as One Down, Lots to Go!

I'm made some progress on...

57. Write think pieces, or let them go
I've been working on several think pieces, although I haven't posted any yet I've worked through and written out some ideas & outlines which is a step up from just longingly thinking about it. Also had a great moment where I experienced, saw, felt and re-created telling something powerful through a story, which although I always 'got' conceptually I didn't really 'feel' before. It felt like a should, that that's the way it 'should' work, and people say you 'should' do it - but no, it's true. Telling through story isn't a should, it's just plain WORKS.

62. Create a habit of always proofreading posts & newsletters before sending them out
I haven't totally stuck to this but I have been more reliable & conscientious about it.

78. Create/use an idea capturing system that works for me
Ugh, not having this in place is driving me bananas. I started using a tickler again (Getting Things Done system), but that's more of the day-to-day and I haven't been keeping up to date. It's more for like 'write an article about this' or 'look into the relationship between this and this' or 'is the trend of X still going strong, or is it time to move on'. I don't know where to put these ideas in a way where I can get them later. Paper is to hard to find the idea, and I like stuff on the computer but I don't like having to transfer it there when I get home. Maybe there is an android app that I can sync on my computer... Hmm.

87. Do 100 push ups in a row
As a starting point I did a cold-try of where I'm at which was 13 a few days ago. Today I managed 15. My personal best ever was 50 and my best regular number was 30. 13 is my regular not-working-out-for-a-while number, so it makes sense that I started there.

Late Addition
I'm also adding to the To Watch list is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 1 & 2 as I own them but have never seen it and somehow I missed them when I saw writing the original list. Their spine looks like Supernatural, I suppose. It's going to be #137 but I'm putting it with the TV stuff.

Lots of learning, reading, watching and saying HELL YA, which works for me. I hope there are more opportunities to say HELL YA to very soon.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Mega-List Update: New Words, Stargate & Lists of Lists


Ah, Update #1 for the Mega-List. Sometimes I get nervous about the first time updating or writing about things. I'm a stickler for tradition and I can get more wrapped up in formatting feeling that the way I start will be the way I will continue... forever. I like continuity, but sometimes I can take it too far. Let's hope that isn't the case here.

I've been working on several of the items on My Mega-List. From the active act of gathering new words to watching, plus also having some other opportunities begin to manifest (I can hear Anakin yelling "It's working, it's working!!" in my head). Exciting times. Let's take a look at some of the progression so far.

28. See a film in each one of the 24 theatres at AMC Yonge & Dundas 24
I haven't decided if I'm going to include the theatres I've already seen films in (I've seen a lot in #6 "IMAX-ish", #7 ETX, #3 - oddly seen lots in that one). Have to see how that one goes. If starting new, it's 2/24. So far since the Mega-List began I've seen:

  • 1 film in theatre #9: Attack the Block, it's a mid-sized theatre and if memory serves it has 5 1/2 rows plus stadium seating
  • 1 film in theatre #1: The Future, it's a small-sized, 2 1/2 front rows plus stadium seating
Seeing the sign rotate between saying "Now Seating..." and "The Future..." was one of my highlights of the week.

95. Track new words heard, where I heard them & their definition
There has been a lot of new words come my way, most of which are from reading The Three Musketeers (part of the Book to Film Club), but also from listening to podcasts and researching. I find following my nose ends up getting me to find more words, so much so that often I skip over actually learning what some mean or even start thinking about the possible meaning of something and loose the context of where it came from. Will be interesting to see if that becomes less fragmented over time. Here's a look at some of the new ones I've found:

  • baldric: a belt hung from one shoulder and across the chest to the opposite side of the body, used to suport a sword, horn, etc - from The Three Musketeers
  • irascibility: quickness of temper; irrritability - from The Three Musketeers
  • raillery: good-humoured ridicule; joking; teasing / a bantering remark - from The Three Musketeers
  • henceforth: from this time on, from now on - from The Three Musketeers
  • irrefragable: impossible to refrute - from Word of the day: Miriam Webster
  • schadenfreude: enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others - from the TV Eh? Podcast
  • tetrology: a compound work that is made up of four (numerical prefix tetra-) distinct works, just as a trilogy is made up of three works. - from Researching Shakepeare Plays, of which there are 2 Histories tetrologies
  • nonce word: a word used to meet the need and is not expected to reoccur - from tetrology definition
  • palance: combination of 'parlaying' (talking) and dancing, so if you are talking & dancing you are palancing - from Metro Morning Podcast - in discussion to prep for Carnival (Caribana) edition
  • deliverance: the act of setting free or the state of being set free; a rescue; release / a formal opinion or judgment - heard many times before but when it was used to describe Star Trek: Voyager S5 Ep Bliss, I knew I didn't actually know what it meant.

113. Watch Stargate SG1

Stargate SG1 is my biggest whole of current science fiction TV (that was available on Canadian TV). How could I not have watched a 10 year long, Canadian co-pro science fiction series? After researching into it I realized a few things. First, I really didn't like the film on which it was based; it was way to ye-haw American guns a-blazing for me. Second, I didn't have cable at the time and spent most of my time at the club (see above) when it started, so I wasn't watching much TV. Considering I'm a completist who likes to start things from the beginning, it takes an active effort to go back to the beginning - which is what I'm doing now.

I've this goal, and I'm concurrently watching Season One on DVD from the library & Season Two in re-runs on Space. It's not ideal but I've already missed the boat on it being at the beginning and I think I'll be aligned on seasons in a couple weeks. I watched one episode at my Mom's place and she thankfully explained the setting a little bit, and I'm extremely thankful she told me it was funny. I wouldn't have picked up on this, and it's one of the best things about the show - especially Richard Dean Anderson, he totally cracks me up. I'm not totally digging the military structure thing (although it's pretty light) and the historical themes don't hold a lot of interest to me, like ever. I do like the characters which usually is what keeps me with any show, regardless of genre. I especially like the dry humour between Richard Dean Anderson's character and Teal'c (I always like the dry humour characters from Spock to Data, Tuvok to Castiel). I'm not totally in love with it yet, but I'm going to keep at it.


125. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Supernatural
This one is much easier for me and to be honest I was already in process before I put the Mega-List up, but I figured better to include and be completist than not. I was in Season 3 when I started and now am in Season 4. For the past few years I've always tried to watch all of Supernatural from the beginning in preparation for the next season. I was a late convert to Supernatural, starting to watch when it debuted in 2005 but stopped watching after finding it too brutal and not the best gender-balanced of shows. But I gave it another chance in 2009 when it was in syndication on Dusk (previously called Scream) as I knew my sister Suzie loved it, and I came to love it as well. It's rare to see such a strong sibling relationship as shown here with the Winchester brothers, plus the supernatural aspect is freaking awesome and it has a great combination of story of the week plus long arc. I talk about the show regularly on Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural Podcast which I co-host with my sister Suzie, and look forward to every new episode that comes out.

Book List Busy-ness (127, 128, 132, 130 & 131)
I've spent a lot of time looking through Wikipedia this week. I don't think I quite realized how many books I ended up putting to read on my list, but hopefully will end up being one of those tasks that if you look at it logically it seems insurmountable, but if you just go for it you can make it happen. That's what I'm going with at least! So far I've made lists* of:

127. Read all the novels of Stephen King (50+ books)
I'm likely going to include some non-fiction here, and haven't yet decided if I'm going to re-read any already read novels. I decided to read them in order as much as I can as a whole whack of them are listed in sequence, although not a series. The library has his first novel, Carrie, which makes it easy to jump in and start there.

128. Read & see performance/film of all the plays of William Shakespeare (38 plays + 2 Lost Plays, x 2 - reading & watching)
Oh my I had no idea there were so many! I was very excited to put this list together, looking at all the titles I recognized, and the film adaptations I've already enjoyed and loved. One of the reasons I put this on my list is because of how referential Shakespeare can be, plus the impact and general knowledge of the stories are in the world. I was shocked that there were 9 I had never heard of before (Troilus and Cressida? Cymbeline? Timon of Athens?) plus never hearing of the 2 Lost Plays, or even that some were problem plays. Devising an reading order is the biggest challenge.

I'm currently think mostly-chronological starting with The Gentlemen of Verona and flipping back and forth between comedies, tragedies & histories but ploughing through each of the two histories tetrologies (new word!) without a break, although I'm going to enlist the help of my sister Jamie on the reading order, as she's has a wealth of knowledge in the world of theatre. After reading I'm hoping to watch a film adaptation or see the play live, and I'm sure it's not shock that I'll break the pattern for new film adaptations. I might skip re-reading The Tempest as I just read it in December 2010. I've also found other people are doing this and writing about it like on the Or What You Will blog, so sounds like I'll be able to see & share what the experience is like from different perspectives.

132. Read all the Giller Prize Winners (17 books)
One of the easier lists to compile as this award has only been around since 1994, and for reference "is a literary award given to a Canadian author of a novel or short story collection published in English (including translation) the previous year, after an annual juried competition between publishers who submit entries". The idea here was to read more Canadian fiction, and since I haven't read any of these already I think that's a good goal! I have heard of many of the titles and am familiar with almost all of the authors, so I'm really forward to diving into this one. I may decide to do this one chronologically, but I don't really think it's necessary.

130. Read all the Nebula winning novels & 131. Read all the Hugo winning novels (85 titles as of August 2011)
Hahahaha I had no idea how huge a list this would be and how complicated making the list(s) would get. Complications like:
  • Several of the novels that grace both lists, which often but not always have winning years.
  • Several titles are in series for which they are not the first novel, and the first novel isn't a winner on either list (so, I have to read that too - yes?)
  • Ties for winners happen on occasion, increasing the total.
  • Numerous titles are in part of non-series that are set in the same world/universe(s), where a clear reading order or even whether or not you have to read everything isn't clear enough to distinguish (without potential spoilers). I may have to enlist some science fiction aficionados for help there.
  • I'm slightly concerned about the availability of the titles, but I'm sure I'll come up with a plan, solution or alternative to that.
  • Even though this already feels like a mammoth task I want to add on nominees to the awards as they come out (5 Hugo noms are out), I'm going to resist committing to them although I have requested a few from the library.
But, on the plus side:
  • I've already read 7 titles, which seems a little measly but it drops it under instead of over 80 books to read
  • I'll likely re-read most of those seven as some are my favourite books ever (like Ender's Game), although I likely won't re-read Hyperion or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as I read them in 2010.
  • I picked up several of the titles over the years, so those are close at hand.
  • It's an easy choice to read them chronologically as several series have numerous titles that are winners and since the Hugo's first noted winner is in 1953 (Nebula's in 1965), and the library has their first winner The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester so it will be the first.
  • I had a bit of an 'oops-ah-ha' moment while researching when I remembered I like to read fantasy and watch science fiction when I came up with this item, and as there is very little fantasy I'm not quite sure how this will turn out but that's all part of the fun.
* When you put all those together its 192 books & plays, and I have 1 more book reading task on the list that I've not yet tackled: #129 - Find a comprehensive list of Canadian Lit Books & read them. I'm going to be a busy reader. When I get some pictures of the books and decide reading order, or at least formatting, I'll post the actual list of titles.

I had tons of fun researching the tasks and coming up with more lists of the lists this week and it was wild to see already one of the things I wanted started to manifest itself. It's clear I'll be busy watching, reading and thinking which makes me happy already.

And on a last note I've revising the wording of the original list for #113, #130 & #131 to reflect the correct usage and more commonly used terms of Stargate SG-1, Hugo Award for Best Novel and Nebula Award for Best Novel.

Although Planet Shannon will be the home base of the Mega-List, I'm all be talking about it elsewhere so feel free to chat with me on Twitter, my film site Movie Moxie and on Good Reads

And I'm still in the midst of unpacking. Believe it or not, this is an 'after' picture.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Mega-List


**********UPDATE: Sadly I have to call this challenge to a close. Some of the items are no longer possible for me and others are not as relevant as they used to be, and then of course there are others I will continue in the same of different ways. I'm trying to think of it as an ever-changing experiment, but as someone who often resists change it's not the greatest analogy. Even so, it is the truth! Thanks for joining in the journey so far and we'll just have to see what it may turn into.********************

It's time for a new list. A big list. A huge list. Or, as I finally decided to call it, a Mega-List. I'm a huge fan of lists. Lists make things happen. They push you. Sometimes gracefully over time, and other times in awkward ugly duckling steps. Lists are a way of letting the world know what you want, what you are thinking about and what you are open to. Working through lists can bring clarity between what you think you are focused on, as opposed to what you are actually focused on. Lists also can pull energy towards you in a way that nothing else can. I like lists.

I’m no stranger to lists, and just last week I was thinking about my 101 Things in 1001 Days that I did from 2006 to 2008 and how much it helped me hone in on the things I wanted to focus on, and a lot of things I eventually decided to let go. There were a lot of exciting adventures and many accomplishments along the way, and many informed the creation of my film site Movie Moxie. But since I completed that list, I haven't done a big, grand-scale, numerous, all incompassing to do list and ...I miss it. I'm feeling the pull again to take new adventures and challenges, and it just felt right to share the list and journey along the way.

It's a new challenge, a new mission and I'm open to it becoming bigger, better, brighter or bolder than currently imagined. I'm not giving this list an end date, but I do plan on revisiting it as a whole on a yearly basis in July. It's not a Bucket-List or and Before-I-Die list. It's not a must-do or a to-do list. It's a Mega-List. A BIG list of the BIG things I want to do, many involve multi-steps processes and some are entire projects unto themselves. I’m sure it will take many hours, miles, decisions and moments of luck, hope and courage to make it though. But I want to do them. It’s my Mega-List.

1. Go to Cannes
2. Go to Fantasia
3. Go to ActionFest
4. Go to Stiges Film Festival
5. Go to Dark Bridges Film Festival
6. Go to VIFF
7. Go to Sundance
8. Go to at least 1 film festival in New York
9. Go to a Film Festival in Australia
10. Go to a Film Festival in Asia
11. Go to a Film Festival in Africa
12. Go to a Film Festival in Europe
13. Go to a Film Festival in the UK
14. Go to a Festival from its first year
15. Be invited to a film festival
16. Be a juror at a film festival
17. Have a stay-at-home-film-festival
18. Write a film article or review in a print publication
19. See & Review every theatrical release for in 1 calendar year
20. Guest host/appear/be interviewed on 20 podcasts
21. Program something
22. Be on every theatrical distributor list in Toronto
23. Be on every DVD distributor list in Toronto
24. Be in an association, collective, community or group that feels right
25. Publish a book of reviews
26. Respond in the positive to an LA or NY film screening & attend it
27. Attend a red carpet event
28. See a film in each one of the 24 theatres at AMC Yonge & Dundas 24
29. Go to a movie event at my local library
30. Create a 'the walk' film montage
31. Create list/montage of great dance moments in non-dance films
32. Make a short film
33. Interview 20 directors
34. Interview 20 actors
35. Mega-interview film project
36. Interview 20 bloggers
37. Interview 20 podcasters
38. Interview 20 film reviewers
39. Interview TV entertainment writers
40. Interview 20 interviewers
41. Interview a showrunner
42. Meet 20 film bloggers, podcasters, vloggers or writers around the world
43. Go to Hal Con with Suzie
44. Visit my brother Jason
45. Go to World Domination Summit 2012
46. Go on a cruise
47. Go on an all inclusive vacation
48. Write an updated About Me
49. Create an e-course
50. Create a how-to
51. Create a linked in account
52. Create a professional services page
53. Create a pink spoon item
54. Publish a collection of something written about film
55. Host something
56. Be on a live event
57. Write think pieces, or let them go
58. Claim writing or find a different medium to connect ideas to people
59. Do 20 guest pieces on other websites and assess if it's something I want to do
60. Get a gig writing about TV
61. Write personally to 20 people that have inspired me
62. Create a habit of always proofreading posts & newsletters before sending them out
63. Figure out feedburner
64. Figure out which podcast hosting provider option works for me
65. Get a podcasting rig I feel good about
66. Get a BluRay player
67. Figure out the Facebook fanpage energy
68. Get a new camera
69. Get a new recording video device
70. Have a tech budget & schedule for updating, upgrading and infusing
71. Do the Lottery Project
72. Have a postage budget
73. Be debt free
74. Have sustained income from entrepreneurial endeavours
75. Get new glasses
76. Make apartment perfect (home for everything to be away + cleaning regime)
77. List out all my weekly to do's, assess, prioritize/shift/let go
78. Create/use an idea capturing system that works for me
79. Create/use a to do system that works for me
80. Create/use a project management system that works for me
81. Take a martial arts class
82. Find a sport I love to play and play it
83. Find balance with food
84. Find a healthy treat that I enjoy and feels like a treat
85. Buy 7 (or 8) lbs, 10 lbs & 15 lbs weights
86. Create or find a good exercise regime
87. Do 100 push ups in a row
88. Get back to a regular running routine
89. Plot a running route in my new hood
90. Run a marathon
91. Find, read & work through a grammar book that works for me
92. Find, read & work through a writing book that works for me
93. Find, read & work through a marketing book that works for me
94. Find, read & work through a project management book that works for me
95. Track new words heard, where I heard them & their definition
96. Create a knitting how to course
97. Create a knited item with binary code as the inspiration
98. Learn how to do 10 different kinds of knots
99. Take a dance class
100. Be in a dance performance
101. Take part in a collective planned happy positive group event
102. See live theatre
103. Learn about Databases
104. Take a math class
105. Do Karaoke
106. Visit 20 spots in my neighbourhood
107. Watch Carnivale
108. Watch Charlie Jade
109. Watch Fringe Season 2 & 3 (Summer/Fall 2011)
110. Watch Heroes
111. Watch Legend of the Seeker
112. Watch Smallville
113. Watch Stargate SG-1 (July 2011 - May 2012)
137. Watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season 1 & 2
114. Watch Twin Peaks
115. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Alien Nation
116. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Angel
117. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Babylon 5
118. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Battlestar Gallactica
119. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Buffy
120. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Farscape
121. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Firefly
122. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Lost
123. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Moonlight (Fall 2011)
124. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Roswell
125. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - Supernatural (Summer 2011)
126. Rewatch all TV I own on DVD - The X-Files (in process)
127. Read all the novels of Stephen King
128. Read & see performance/film of all the plays of William Shakespeare (in process)
129. Find a comprehensive list of Canadian Lit Books & read them
130. Read all the winners of the Nebula Award for Best Novel
131. Read all the winners of the Hugo Award for Best Novel
132. Read all the Giller Prize Winners
133. Find a comprehensive list of essential films
134. Watch any not seen films from #133, noting the signifigance & my own reaction
135. Redesign/update Movie Moxie
136. Read all the Greek Myths