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Oh I've not been as diligent about posting the wreckage as I thought I would be. Oopsie! But there has been wreckage and I think I can really go a lot further. We'll see what happens this week but here is the current state of some of the mini adventures the book has had:

Still working on breaking the spine. I've tried - really!

I really like gluing random things

And gluing white things

I always have new grocery lists and bills. I'm not sure which it's suppose to be but I'm going with both!

I almost completely detest this page. I love the all over colour idea but I don't like how it turned out. I guess I could always colour over it again!

Doing the circle page was one of my faves. So much so that I did both open face pages and gave one away! I tried to be sneeky and elf like but she found it rather quickly that smart woman! heheh! Fun!


Kavindra said…
Are you kidding? I love the color page. If you want to give it away, send it to me, ok?

Circles were one of my faves too.
Fantastic! I love all your pages Shannon, you're doing fantastic wrecking. My fav is the random gluing page. You rock!
Jean said…
You are a rockin' wrecker! I love your cover, especially!

I have to be braver...I'll be back for some inspiration from you!

Have FUN!
Hybrid J said…
You're doing absolutely fantastic! Well done! :)
Lawendula said…
Looks like happy wrecking.
what is "red heart super saver"?
I'm a little bit nosy.
The circle page is great!
Genie Sea said…
I actually really like the colored page. I like the asymmetrical nature of it :) I never thought to include bills from grocery shopping! Great idea! And the circles are mesmerizing. hehe
Thanks so much for the comments!

I'm trying to let the coloured page grow on me, we'll see how it goes...
I still like the circles and random glueing. The filling the page with white stuff feels off - I mean all I think is won't that eventually make it 'blank'?

Red Heart Super Saver is a label from 100% acrylic, no dye lot yarn. I'm making a sweater of of that yarn right now, I still have a ways to go but I still have lots of yarn - I always overbuy! But that means I get enough for random projects later :)
magpie said…
another vote in favor of the color page (from someone whose wtj is almost entirely an essay in monochrome...)

on the other hand i have infact papered over a spread that i didn't like ...

the first rule of wreck club...there are no rules
judi said…
oooh Rde Heart, I love that logo..

You are right, your circle page(s) are terrific
Jamie Ridler said…
Fantastic! That was totally hilarious when you snuck your circle page into my book. I loved it!
Anonymous said…
Fabulous wreckage!!!
Love how you put your grocery list on....I haven't done that page yet.
Too cool!

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