Who is that under my deck chair?


Unexpected visitor on the deck today. I've seen lots of cats recently but certainly wasn't expecting to have a raccoon nestled up sleeping on my deck chair in the middle of the afternoon. When I first tried to go outside it skirted away but then decided to lounge under the chair. I successfully left and returned, but was lil leery about freaking out the furry creature. Hours later and it's still hanging out in the same very spot. Oh my, every day is an adventure


Oh Shannon! I can't believe that picture, what a cutie! Thank you for sharing that, it totally made my morning. I am so excited you are also posting here and I get little peaks into your life which is apparently a little wild ATM.
Pearl Maple said…
Too funny to find raccoons hiding under the chair but nice to see native wildlife in the yard too.

Good luck with wrecking your journal, they are good fun.

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