Project 365 - Week 4 in 2009

Another freaking cold week here in the T-dot, but lots of fun memoirs nonetheless.

I got this tea cup in the mail. I only vaguely remember sending away for it. I actually remember thinking about it but not actually sending for it. I guess I did!

Kinda defies explanation.

Me looking goofy after being asked when buying a ticket for the film Chandhi Chowk to China if I had my student card. Oh boy.. student card? Do I look that young?

Feb 22 was Oscar nomination day! See detailed lists of noms over at Movie Moxie

Hanging out with Jamie after some fun clothes shopping. Our after shopping spot had a new item on the menu which I tried and it was great! Too bad my soy sauce always wants to fall over, good thing I found a creative solution!

My brother was in town for 2 days! So great to see him! I caught him off caught and made him smile instead of doing a goofy face, hehe!

It was a family-full weekend and so I'm featuring lil Jinx as the cat of the week. Don't tell Mr. Man!


Sacred Suzie said…
I promise I won't whisper a word to Mr. Man! Jinx is pretty darn cute too and hey! There's another Mr. Man! Jay! Thanks for sharing that pic, it's wonderful to see him. Big movie week for you eh Shannon?

OMG, I gotta lie down! But I really wanted to write.
Genie Sea said…
Are you kidding? I won't be the one to get Mr. Man riled up! :)

You know you are impulse shopper when you don't remember ordering things. Just saying! :)
I saw you yesterday afternoon at Gladstone/Queen W. I was having a beer at the Gladstone, sitting at a table by the window.

You didn't notice me :(
Shannon said…
Bad Shannon :(

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