Newly Knitting - Fingerless Mitts 'Dashing'


I finished these last night (and they already have cat hair on them!). They are fingerless mitts called Dashing from Knitty. You can get the pattern here.

I picked the pattern well over a year ago but had just gotten comfortable at that time with knitting in the round so in hindsight I'm glad I waiting. It takes a few skills I hadn't tried at that time, namely cables and making a thumb. Both were way easier than I had expected.

When I try a new pattern, I always follow the instructions and make no alterations (just like baking). I did a test swatch for the gauge and it looked ok. The pattern is actually a mens pattern, but I find it snug on the lower arm so maybe it is for skinny boys! It's really cook how the cables cinch at the wrist for a nice fitted effect. I did find the length a bit long working after the cables to the thumb opening. If I did it again I might revise that part. But, I loved the K4 P1 rib pattern - I think it's beautiful and it's super easy to remember intuitively.

Overall I'm thrilled. It's my 2nd try at cables and first time doing a thumb - both of which were fine. The pattern is really clear and I realize now I picked up stitches in the wrong way for the thumb but you can't tell.

I went with different colours as that is what I had that matched the pattern. I knew each ball wouldn't have been enough for a full mitt, so I just did one of each.

Here are some more pics:




Genie Sea said…
Very nicely done! I love fingerless mitts, there is something sexy about them. :)When we choose to love cats, we have to live with their fur. It's just a fact of life. :)
Sacred Suzie said…
They're awesome Shannon! I am continuously amazed at how you can knit and create things. It blows my mind and those are so perfect for you, I had no idea guys wear that kind of thing.
Shannon said…
Oh cat fur certainly gets everywhere. I'm sure I even knit why my cat is sleeping in my lap, it's just one of those things.

I actually don't usually wear fingerless mitts but the pattern is less intimidating that full-on gloves. I would guess they are popular with smokers!
Serena said…
Great job, Shannon! I love cable stitch knitting! Our climate doesn't really need that sort of thing but, if I did have some, they would be covered with my dog's hair. lol
Judi said…
Amazing - because the Care2 group Suzie and I belong to had been discussing them!

Fingerless gloves are taking over - I'll need to find a crocheted version.
Good job!

I still haven't cabled.
Tammy said…
Yay! These are fun! Congrats for taking on a more difficult pattern!!

I wear fingerless gloves while playing WoW! It helps keep my hands warmer at least, but I can still type and control my mouse! :)
Shannon said…
It's funny how I don't usually wear fingerless mitts - Tammy you are so right they would be awesome for gaming, or other computer work too!

I really like doing cables. Not to hard to do *and* looks impressive. Works for me!

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