A Week in Pictures

Wow, only a week and a bit to go until the end of 2008. It's a little hard to believe. I was about to say "It's been an _________ year" but I don't know what would fill in that blank. Maybe I'll know by next week.

Holiday shopping and storefronts in full force. This place has been playing A Christmas Story all day, every day, all week. Wow.

I love trees in the winter. The last place I lived the sky always looked like this with trees on both sides. I'm glad to see some tall trees here too.

The first of many snowfalls this week.

I can't get enough of clementines.

And they called it 'Snowmeggedon'. Do I think people are a little over the top when they talk about the craziness of the snowfalls in Toronto? Yes. What it a really big snowfall? Yes, yes it was.

Getting the jumpstart on one of my 2009 goals of cooking real for more. I made 'Jamie's favourite chicken' aka Sesame Chicken. It's so easy and sooooo yummy.

Someone had the kitty crazies today (hint: it wasn't me)


Tammy said…
Shannon - I love your tree pictures!! Wow - lots of snow! We've had really cold temps, but not huge amounts of snow as yet.

Your chicken looks yummy! You should share the recipes sometime! Our kitties have had the crazies a lot this last week too! :) Must be the weather!
Sacred Suzie said…
Crazy weather indeed. We're getting it too, unfortunately. I love the lemons! And the trees, of course. I can't remember the last time I had that chicken, yummy!
Concha said…
Merry Christmas!
That chicken looks good!

I have a tabby too! He's sitting on my lap right now!
Shannon said…
Yay for tabby cats! You know what is crazy Teena? I used to *also* have a black & white patches cat - we have similar cat families!
Genie Sea said…
What a string of cuteness and yumminess!

Happy holidays Shannon to you and yours! May the cuteness and yumminess infuse every day of your life. :)
Anonymous said…
Haha! They were referring to it as "Snowmaggedon" down here too...in the horrific snowbelt of the Niagara Region.
It was like being in a Stephen King movie!
Love your pics!
Happy holidays! All the best for 2009!

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