Merry Christmas to All!

I hope everyone is having as much fun as my cat today :)


Jamie said…
LOL!! Justin and I watched this and totally laughed along with Gobo. It's so great to see him having so much fun. I hope you're having tons of fun too!

Merry Christmas!
danette said…
Hilarious! Really, who needs all those movies with entertainment like that sitting right next to you?

Of course, movies often don't dart out of the room on you right while you're wrapped up in the action.

TOTALLY didn't mean to pun! Oh Boy...Christmas puns.

Merry Christmas Shannon!
Ha! Too much fun!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you're practicing your Excel :)
Serena said…
What fun!

I hope you had a wonderful and happy Christmas....blessings to you for an amazing 2009!

love, light and peace,
Sacred Suzie said…
OMG! That totally rocks Shannon! Oh Gobo is so funny, so entertaining, I just love it. Thanks for this!
Genie Sea said…
LOL! I'm going to be watching this again and again! heh! :)

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