Happy Birthday Jamie!


Last night we celebrated Jamie's Birthday with Chinese food and homemade chocolate cake! Jamie & her honey made it themselves - I'm so impressed! It was a lovely evening of celebration, fun and good conversation and of course - lots of Jamie time! You can see us singing Happy Birthday to her here.

I hope you have a rockin day today Jamie!!! *hugs*


Happy birthday!!
Sacred Suzie said…
What a fantastic and perfect photo of Jamie Shannon! And I love the video you shot, thank you for that, it helped me feel like I was there with all of you celebrating. :)
Genie Sea said…
You are all so blessed to have each other. You are all incredibly amazing in your own ways. I have secretly dubbed you three, the Sisters Fantastic. :)

LOL! word verification for this comment is...omygod... thought I would share :)

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