For the love of murlocks

Nothing is more fun than playing with murlocs. Except saving baby murlocs.


Genie Sea said…
lmfao. hearing you giggle was the best part of this video. I was in Second Life for about a year, but it was nothing like WOW. Nope. Not gonna do it. :)
Sacred Suzie said…
OMG, R showed me this quest (I am still only level 52) and I just giggled and giggled too! Thanks for sharing that with me, so cool you play in a gang like that and dang, you're powerful! I gave up on my Priestess since I don't have a gang and she just always gets her butt kicked.

Baby Merlocs Rule!
It's soooo addictive Genie Sea, although I really only play once a week at most.

I'm glad you ladies enjoyed it! Nothing like fun with murlocs. What really gets me is every time I watch it, I laugh at all the same place I laugh on the vid, lol.
Genie Sea said…
Weeee! Tag you're it! :)

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