101 things I learned during 101 things in 1001 days


I'm thrilled to share that the 101 in 1001 is over and I'm pretty slap happy about it and freaking proud that I stuck through it.

I went through many incarnations on how to wrap up my 101 things in 1001 days experience. Ideas ranged from celebrated the done's to justifying the undone's. Neither felt quite sufficient to capture the spirit of the list, so I've decided to write a new one. Not a new 101 in 1001 but 101 things I learned about myself, the world and lists over these 1001 days.

As it started with a list, it shall end with one.

1. Being a patron at TIFF requires a great deal of time, energy, money and organization. Covering the festival over at Movie Moxie led to being invited to cover the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Within a year I have covered 7 film festivals in Toronto. Next Goal on this one: Get accredited at TIFF!

2. I'm not doing another 101 in 1001 right after this one. I think it's crazy when people have this one their lists. Do it, then decide if you'd do it again otherwise you are committing to something for 2002 days!

3. I have more than just 'an interest' in film. 1001 days led to seeing 700+ films, writing 369 reviews over 3 blogs but finally settling here.

4. I was very sad to find out the 2005 Film Review Year in Review magazine was out of print. I really wanted this for my archives, I've been collecting them since 2000 but 2005 was a rough year and I didn't buy it.


5. In May 2008 I finished the only item on the list that was completed in 2008, other than ones that were for the duration of the whole 1001 days.

6. Blogger changed to 'the new blogger' somewhere along the 1001 days. Although many things are better and easier, the formatting of my original list is totally messed up.

7. I'm not changing the format of my original list, messed up or not it is what it is.


8. Twice during the 1001 days I was the only person in the theatre to see a film.

9 is the number of things on my list I partially completed

10. When seeing films recommended to me by someone else and just taking their word for it, I loved the ones recommended by my women friends. All but one of the recommendations by guys ended up being films I hated.

11. Trying something I hate to reassess was funny, but my tastes haven't change that much in these 1001 days or all of my days.

12. $12,000 is the amount debt I paid off. This is one of the biggest achievements from this list and in my life.

13. The other biggest achievement was getting divorced.

14. Committing to do something for the entire 1001 days is kind of insane.


15 is the number of not dones that I have no interest in doing. Surprizingly the majority of these were fashion / clothing things. I didn't buy that shirt, but it was cute.

16. Focus and interest can change greatly over 1001 days.

17. Getting something off the list doesn't necessarily mean it's done. Like mailing in forms. They can send them back to you, which they did to me. Boo to forms!

18. Although many things change a lot of things don't. I'm still a gamer who plays WoW and is trying to get the hang of Warhammer.


19. I don't care what the practical applications of trig are. I'm not sure I ever did!

20. I don't play puzzles as much as I used to, even though sudoku's are a lot of fun.

21. Saving a part of every paycheque is an amazing thing. I put away $20-50/week and from doing that was able to do so many things on this list from taking vacation to going to film festivals to having a Christmas budget.

22. Over the 1001 days I've accumulated 22 notebooks worth of notes on films, screenings and Q&A's.

23. Knitting, note taking and typing makes for sore hands at times.

24. Having an amount for 'misc' in a budget is a beautiful thing.


25. I love ordering my monthly DIY book/cd/dvd club. It's almost always DVDs. I also love adding things to my amazon wish list and giggle at some of the recommendations.

26. I love that I rarely have to pick up the delivery at the post office because my landlord is nice and often snags them.

27. I've lived in three different spaces since this started. I do miss my red bedroom, but I love where I am now. Wow, I wonder where those curtains are.

28. Although I've lived in my new space over a year I still have 3 boxes to unpack. Sigh.

29. I had no idea how much I would love knitting. Since that first garter scarf, I'm made many scarves, a few hats, a shawl and am working on a bag. Knitting rules!


30. Things involving other people are a little strange to put on this kind of list. I wouldn't do that one again.

31. I love taking and posting pictures. I liked my day in the life of day. At some point I got a better camera and now my pictures are all clear.

SPT March 7 - 2

32. I miss the weird fuzzy bizarre pictures my old camera took (above).

33. I still end up with some odd pictures though (below).


34. Items that were not done from the list. Out of these, 10 I am still interested in doing.

35. I looked up lifedrawing classes recently. There is somewhere I could go that is a great price. I still want to do this.

36. I can't believe I didn't get another tattoo! I know exactly what I want.

37. Video chatting rocks.


38. I enjoyed participating in Self Portrait Tuesdays. I never actively meant to stop. It looks like on hiatus.

39. I read way more non fiction that I thought I did. Over the 1001 days I've read tons of books on money, organization, film and a fair amount on self development.

40. I've had many organization systems but now I'm back to the one I used when I started all of this. Carrying a med sized lined notebook to write down to dos. When they are done, highlight them. I write the date in the margin to keep track for some reason.

41. I know where blood pressure machines are in relation to movie theatres in the downtown core.

42. I've held the same job at the same position for the entiretly of these 1001 days. I rarely last this long in a job.


43. When I first set out to do this, I came with 157 things to do. I can come up with ideas outta nowhere I tell ya, outta nowhere!

44. I actually felt like I didn't ever have the time to spare to take the subway end to end.

45. The first day I bookmarked to go to the Zoo, it was too cold. The second day I forgot to budget for it. I will get there! I wanna see the animals.

46. One of the hardest things to do was to be on time for a month. I had no idea how often I was even just a little late.

47. One of the easiest things on this list was telling someone a secret.

48. One of the weirdest completes was perfecting the smoky eye look. I did this in the afternoon with no plans to go out. Um.. why did I do that? I also got some creepy email from it.

49. I truly thought I would get each of the 101 things done.

50. About halfway through the process, I realized I wouldn't get everything done. This was very discouraging and I didn't want to be one of the many that gave up.

51. I have taken a ridiculous amount of pictures with fries in them. I have also eaten all those fries.


52. I got an invitation to ride someones motorcycle but as of yet haven't taken them up on it.

53. I wish I had put 'get my license' on the list.

54. I can still spell necessary, sufficient, eligible and decision but add an a instead of e to inconsistent.

55. Out of all the not dones I wish I got to was to go to a film festival outside Toronto. I am planning on going to Fantasia in Montreal in 2009.

56. You learn every day. You can't not. Even if you sleep all day you'd either learn something in your dreams or what it felt like to sleep all day.

57. Is the number of tasks I completed.

58. is the total (so far) of post I've made on planet shannon in 2008 in comparison to 384 posts in 2006 when I started this blog.


59. It snows more when I live somewhere were I shovel snow. Really, it's true!

60. I had many opportunities to walk into Holt Renfrew during the 1001 days. When a coworker bought her lunch there and brought it back to work, it kinda broke the mystique.

61. I buy way more tech stuff than I realize. Through the 1001 days I got a printer/scanner, iPod, speakers, new computer, new camera. Of course my cordless phone dies after 2hrs off the base and my other phone the ringer doesn't work. But, I can scan stuff!

62. I learned I love podcasts

63. I really want to have my own film podcast.

64. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I carry so much stuff (don't tell Mom!).


65. I am truly thankful that my sisters Suzie and Jamie have blogs!

66. I worked through True Balance during the 1001 days.

67. I worked through The Artist's Way during the 1001 days.

68. I worked through Soul Coaching during the 1001 days.

69. I like working through things. I usually like the process better than the result.

70. I like making my own movie marathons. Even if the films aren't that great. I often do them as a countdown to a new release.


71. Las Iguana's no longer has NTN Trivia - this is one of the two things on my list that weren't possible to do.

72. When revisiting my original list this week I completely forgot that I went swimming.

73. I'm not a spa person. I tried it, but it's not for me.

74. I live twittered through The Oscars in 2008. That is more me.


75. Another one of the easy tasks on my list was Going Vegetarian for 1 month.

76. I didn't even look into giving blood although I walk by places where you can do this regularly.

77. I almost never do meme's anymore.

78. I have no idea what I'll be posting here at Planet Shannon after my 101 is done.

79. I will still post Project 365 pictures until then end of 2008. Then I don't know.

80. One of the things I was very keen on doing, although not part of my 101 was to make a Gryffendor scarf. I was so happy when it was done. It took forever!!!

81. I have read every day of this 1001 days. Even during the week of The Artist's Way when you aren't suppose to. I'm not convinced I could or would want to do not read for a week.

82. I love the library. So many great films and books to borrow - for free! Going to the library regularly is one of the things that inadvertently became part of my regular schedule during the 101 in 1001 and I love it!


83. Trying out 10 new restaurants was a rocking thing to do on the list. I still crave the tempura at Siji on occasion.

84. Although I've said "Oh, I wish I put this on the list" and such, I am totally happy with the ones I picked and wouldn't have done anything different.

85. 85 is the IQ of a character in Alien 3. LV-426 is the name of the planet in Alien. I didn't need to look those up. I knew that before the 1001 days.

86. I have a very weird specific memory for numbers. I don't use speed dial, it's all in my head. However, I have to double check my current postal code. Darn letters mess everything up!


87. That picture has nothing to do with my 101.

88. I still want to take a martial arts class, or tai chi.

89. I hate meditation. With a passion. It literally makes me angry.

90. I don't write letters to my future self anymore. During the 1001 days I wrote, found and read two (I was suppose to read them that is how that worked) and I hadn't achieved what it said and that cheesed me right off.

91. I do, however, believe in the power of listmaking and that somehow it makes things happen.


92. The time I had an opportunity to stand up against someone who was saying something rude, racist or discriminatory, I was too scared (the situation already had escalated to close to violence).

93. Perhaps supporting an organization is more my style.

94. Watershed by Indigo Girls (listen/watch here) came on when I was working on closure today and it made me cry. That vid has a really annoying intro, btw.


95. Out of all the tasks, the one I enjoyed the most as it felt like a great balance of being a huge feat I'm proud of, was actually pretty challenging although enjoyable & built resources and also took a fair amount time to actually do was to make it through my 101 Films I Can't Believe I Haven't Seen list.

96. I have ninety six minutes to complete this post to stay on schedule.

97. Yes, it's Sunday and I have a schedule.

98. Coming up with this list was harder than the originally 101!

Gone with the Wind 1

99. After I finish this I am going to make dinner and watch Gone with the Wind which will be the final film on my 101 films to see list.

100. I'm blissfully looking forward to not doing anything 'every day' for December.

101. I often close a post with a picture of my cat. No reason to stop that now!


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Sacred Suzie said…
Absolutely incredible Shannon. I loved this entire post and am so amazed and impressed with everything you have accomplished, which is a heck of a lot. I love that in this time you have found things you love that surprised you (knitting) and let other things go that were once your passion (clothing). It's really interesting to look back and see how things have changed and developed.

You are the queen of lists and your dedication to them is awe-inspiring. Way to go! You totally rock Shannon.
themarina said…
Congratulations Shannon! Those are some AMAZING accomplishments!
Jamie said…
Woohooo!!! Congratulations!!! Time for the tickertape!!

1001 Days. Can you believe it?

I loved reading your post today. It was like going on the journey with you. It made me stop and laugh a lot of times. It made me stop and think too.

What a fun way to get closure. WTG!
Genie Sea said…
What an epic journey! Congrats that you got all that done! Wooo!

I got winded half way through just reading it :)

I laughed, I sighed, I went OHHH!

Awesome accomplishment! :)
Shannon said…
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and support along the way. It was a mammoth journey that I kep dear to my heart for each and every one of the 1001 days. The big question is - what to do next?
Polly said…
Shannon, I loved reading through this - I feel like I know you better now for having heard about your process and which goals were most important to you.

CONGRATULATIONS on all you accomplished on-list and off-list (Bonus Items!!)

And good for you to not start a new list right away! May you have a few list-free days (rich coming from me...)
Danette said…
Holy banana Shannon, what an epic post! I love how you've chosen to close with a list. What a journey, what insight, what commitment!

My list expires in April, and already I'm wondering what is worth doing and what the hell was I thinking when I put THAT on the list...

I was inspired by your list when I made mine, and so I also have many things to do "every day" for specific lengths of time. I can't imagine why I thought that was such a great idea...and now I've learned something. :)

Your scarf is truly magnificent. As is your salt of the earth honesty. You impress me constantly.

Enjoy your list-free December!
Good for you!

I still love your scarf!

Cute kitty!
Serena said…
WOW! That is so impressive, Shannon! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your list and the pics were awesome. Can't wait to see what you challenge yourself with next.

I'm a bookworm and I must admit I would find it very hard NOT to read for a week so I can understand you totally.

love, light and peace,

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