A Week in Pictures

With all the Soul Coaching posting I almost forgot to post my weekly pics!

From the world of the totally bizarre. It's not a grocery cart, nor a basket but a mixin' of the two. Roll those groceries around, close to the floor at tipping angles. Weird.

Waiting for Quarantine to start.

Read "New Moon" in anticipation of Twilight opening next week. Now I can't wait to get my hands on the third book.

Apparently it wasn't a very interesting day.

More fun day! Hanging out with the Jamie.

The battle of the bookcases.

Putting the finishing touches on my Gryffindor scarf.

What is Project 365? See Jamie's post on Project 365 for all the details.


Jamie said…
It's so nice to see your week in pictures! I love that picture of us. Considering how tired we both were, we're looking pretty happy.

And wtg on your Griffindor scarf. It looks awesome!
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh I can't wait for Twilight either! Funny that you have a pic of a concrete wall. That cart is fantastic! I would use one of those, I think. Hard to tell.

Excellent progress on your scarf Shannon, it totally rocks.

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