Soul Coaching: Wrapping Up, Wrapping In


While I'm writing this it's still Day 28, but I fell off the schedule a number of days ago. I started off pretty strong posted everyday, then some days I still read, and some I didn't do anything at all. I thought I would love fire week but I didn't and I didn't connect to Earth at all. I was about to get all 'meh I didn't do it right' when I realized I should take a look at my initial intentions for participating in the Soul Coaching journey:

1. Why it appealed: I have felt overly busy.

2. Hesitation: I wasn't sure I would have the time, but with Level 1 being 15-30 minute I say!

3. My intention is to seek clarity of vision

Now, when I think about these things. I do feel less busy and had a few moments where it felt possible to get through my lists. I found it took longer than the time stated at 15-30 because there were things like 'everyday wake up and notice...' plus reading, plus the exercise, plus thinking throughout the day, plus taking & posting pics and writing. I know the last few I should have tacked on that they would be longer as blogging through it would be more time that not.

Now, on to intention. Seeking clarity of vision. I'm getting closer on this one, but not there yet. The cool thing is that I've really decided that December will be my prep month for 2009 and I'm really looking forward to that. It's also Serendipitous timing that my 101 in 1001 comes to a close December 1, 2009. That has been a huge journey and I'm ready for closure on it too. I can feel things are a changing and what Soul Coaching and November really helped me was clear the way for that. This was also a big duh! moment as I'm pretty sure that is the *whole* intent of the book and I didn't realize it until very recently.

So as Denise Linn continually says throughout the book that just doing it is doing it (totally paraphrasing there!)

I thought this was a perfect pic to show the different weeks: Fire, Water, Air and Earth

I wanted to say a big thanks for those who came along for the ride, especially all the support though the bookcase ordeal and the days of confusion. It's been wonderful to see so many people working through a process together, to see where we hit our stride or tumble down. I'm thrilled so many of use did make it all the way through (and I'm counted myself in that, hehe!). A huge thank you to Jamie for bringing us all together.

And cuz I love pics here are some transformations of my space from start to finish.





(after - and different set up)

Sure, there is still clutter but it's leaps and bounds better than it was before and that works for me!


Danette said…

There is something about "just doing it" however that happens to be for you. It feels good to finish. I know that if I were not a part of this group I would have put the book down at some point and perhaps never picked it back up.

I love love love your before and after pics.

Here's to a December of taking stock and getting ready for greatness!
Genie Sea said…
I love your before and after pics too. Such progress! The pic representing our journey is stunning and perfect.

No matter how much or little you may or may not have done in this journey, your contribution was amazing, enlightening, and enjoyable. Thank you Shannon :)
Jamie said…
Holy cow, those pictures are amazing. You kicked a$$!! I'm so glad that Soul Coaching helped clear the deck for what's on its way.

And yay to wrapping it up with a bow and saying "I did it."

You know, when I first typed that I wrote yaya instead of yay, so I'm imagining us with those Divine Yaya Sisterhood hats, raising our hands to the sky and saying YAYA!


gemma said…
After all my clutter clearing
I still have my yaya hat.I didn't make SC every day either but its been great....and we got the house clean LOL!
Enjoy your new space. :)
Shannon said…
Thanks everyone for the beautiful comments! I'm glad I went on the journey and that it was worked even when I wasn't working it!
Serena said…
The soul coaching journey motivated me to clear clutter and organise and it felt so good! I love your 'before' and 'after' pics too.

I agree with matter how much you participated in this journey, your contribution has been so welcome and enjoyed.

love, light and peace,
Wow, look at all those books and papers! I´d love a day looking through all that!
My journey this past month wasn´t so much about change, more about acceptance...accepting those piles either makes you love ém or leave ém, no more pressure, they are not you.

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