Soul Coaching: Week Two, Day 1 or Day 8 overall..hmm


Ok, I want to say week two day 1 but it's really day 8! Hmm, what to do! And why do I feel so strongly about it?

Funny it's water week day 1 and I'm totally been digging the fluids. In part to a small fever and I'm going with rest & fluids. Plus, I spent 3+hrs enjoying the underwater craziness of Das Boot. I love submarine films, especially when they have to sonar sound. I have no idea why.

So, what do we have for today - affirmation is

"I unconditionally accept my feelings.. and what I feel is not who I am"

Ok, I'm really not connecting to that one. Why bother accepting something that isn't part of who I am. I always feel like the loop-hole-finder with the affirmations. They do make me think though, although my first reaction is a big smart-ass knee jerk kinda thought.

I haven't done the exercise yet, but wanted to post anyway. I have some pics from yesterday. A rocking graffiti that seemed quite timely, as well as moments with the bookcases (1 down, 2 to go).


"Insert screwdriver on an angle to secure screw". Really? Are you kidding me bookcase instructions?


More The Next Chapter folks here.


danette said…
yay Bookshelf!

I have a high ratio of following assembly instructions (ahem, IKEA) to rage-ful fits. My personal favourite, "with a rubber mallet, pound metal shelves in place."

Oh yes, my rubber mallet.

I've been DYING to use it.

Mz C. said…
You did it! Awesome! I hate assembling furniture. If I were good at it I would have been a carpenter. It seems a lot of furniture we buy these days needs assembling. When they ask me to assemble a sofa, I'm moving to Maui! :) Rock on!
Genie Sea said…
In case you;re wondering who Mz C is, it's me. I was logged into my school account. Oi. Nevermind putting a bookcase together, my head needs some readjusting! :)
Allison said…
Oh wow. Amazing how a bookshelf can emerge from the directions 'they' give you...
Shannon said…
Rubber mallet! That takes the cake... oh I had tears in my eyes on that one.

YAY! Tears on water day 1! It's all connected.

Genie Sea with the multiple identities I see!

To be honest I ended up cheating a little and smashing the screws in with a hammer at some point. I hope it holds over time!
Romana Mirza said…
LOL getting a huge kick outta this one. I've been working in furniture for 10 years - manufacturing it that is - and I have to say - no, we're not kidding when we write stuff like that in the instruction book. You will be AMAZED at how, well, "naive" people are! More than one ugghh! heard in the design department of every plant I've worked in!

I love that sonar sound too!

Thanks for keeping us real Shannon, I like the knee jerk reaction with your affirmation comments, it keeps things real and I really appreciate that!
Beautiful Witch said…
I actually do own a rubber mallet, so perhaps I should start assembling more furniture! I love the graffiti photo!
Sacred Suzie said…
The affirmation made me scratch my head too Shannon.

I'm so glad you managed to get the bookcase together though, that rocks and I love the "Resurface" photo. Very perfect.
Anonymous said…
Loving that graffiti photo!
I'm just beginning day 8, but wanted to stop by here for inspiration.
Keep rockin' with the bookcases - I cannot tell you how much of that Ikea-like furniture I've put together over the years. Oy!
Jamie said…
Das Boot - a water movie for water week! I'm imagining each of the exercises we do as a ping we're sending out, seeing what we get back!

I hope you're feeling better soon. You know what they say - lots of fluids ;)
Shannon said…
Oh, it's all about the fluids. It's uncanny how much water I've had in past 2 days.

Now if those last 2 bookcases would assemble themselves....

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