Soul Coaching - Week One, Day One


So, I made a cuppa tea all ready to dive into Soul Coaching for Day One of the process. Oh course, I hadn't journaled yet about the prep so I went back and did that and picked out the daily type tasks and such because I actually had some time today and felt like I really wanted to land on the right foot here.

It was all going so great until I got to the daily affirmation:

"My evaluation of myself is not who I am"

Um. I'm confused. Who am I if not that? Someone else's evaluation (no thanks!)? Does this mean evaluating yourself is a waste of time because it doesn't mean anything? I really don't get it. The only thing I can think of is that it's a 'let go' mechanism if you self critisize too much? Perhaps, I'm in denial? Who knows! Maybe it will makes sense later today. Did I mention I'm not a fan of affirmations? Ah well, I said I would do this and I will! Marching on!

Ok, so now I've done the excercise for the day. In general, I'm going to the Level I but as I had a little more time today I did a combo of Level I and II by looking at the Level I Catagories (Health, Finances, Career, Relationships, Creativity, Spiritual) and writing about the current, my intention of the next 28 days, the goal and described the gap between current & goal (then becuase I'm crazy listmaker I re-wrote all the intentions over next 28 days as a 'to do' list). This process was very interesting! Here are some of the insights I had:

-I've met 2 of my goals! Why? Because I have no creativity or spirtuality goals (currently)
-Some of the catagories had tons of doable actions in them (health, relationships)
-Some catagories I knew the goal but had no idea how to get there (career) *this is one my big goals for the journey.
-I have bucket loads of stuff that isn't under these headers! This is because I went with Level I - and I'm ok with that. If I'm feeling ambitious I can add headers that would be meaningful (home, personal, fun).

That's Day 2 folks! I can wait to read other peoples posts! Thanks so much to all the comments so far - I really appreciate it!

My Altar:
Lion for Fire
Fish for Water
Spiral metal thing for Air
Monster hat for Earth (if I can't laugh and have fun, I know I'm not grounded)

Want to know more about Soul Coaching through The Next Chapter? Check out The Next Chapter website here.


Gemma said…
Your evaluation of yourself is just your opinion based on any number of variables. In truth You are much much more than who you think you are.
Serena said…
LOVE your altar! :)

I took the affirmation to mean that we can be our own worst enemy as our ego-self likes to beat us down and tell us we're not good enough based on conditioned thinking that we grew up with. It's about going within to connect with our true self, our true path.
Shannon said…
I don't usually think too many negative things about myself (that sounds so pompous which isn't my intent but I am a Leo after all), and I feel like that is what the affirmation is directed to.

I re-assessed it and came up with:

"I am not limited by my evaluation of myself"

This rings more true to me. I think I'm going to take the affirmations as a bit of a braintwister to ponder through the day and see what I come up with.

Because that works both ways.
Romana Mirza said…
Your affirmation is beautiful and true. I am very literal too and sometime these things also get me down - thanks for the edit I'm going to stick by you on this one!
Jamie said…
I love your twist on the affirmation. It has real zest and power in it.

And that's a rockin' altar. Shannon vibe all the way!
Sacred Suzie said…
I think we're still a bit of a mystery to ourselves. It we think we know ourselves 100% then what is left to discover? I don't know, I had a hard time with that one too, LOL.

Your altar is so fantastic Shannon, so original and I love that a lot of it has to do with animals and you include laughter and giggles. That is so you!

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