Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 7

Quick post as I'm in the middle of something that I know when I'm done I won't be feeling like posting. I know one thing for sure, I am *not* here to put bookcases together!

I have to admit I thought todays affirmation and exercise didn't feel like they matched the same 'stage' of something. The affirmation "I am enough" feels like a completeness. Yes, yes I know it's about acceptance but that wasn't what resonated with me. Also, my first thought was "Enough for what?"

The task is all about why you (well, I really) are here. To me this felt like it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay outta left field. I mean earlier this week we were decluttering 1 drawer and know we are suppose to define out existence? Seemed like shifting from gear 1 to gear 5 and being launched there out of a cannonball or something. Isnt' there something in between?

I did think about the days task of listening in and it felt ironic that it was a day of chores, and I kept thinking "I don't think I'm here to buy grapes" and such. The day isn't over yet, and neither are the bookcases. No pics on this one, hopefully I'll have some tomorrow.

See the month unfold at The Next Chapter here.


Romana Mirza said…
You are so right about it being a leap, it is a leap a HUGE leap! I'm seeing Days 1-6 as being the work to find the start of the path and Day 7 is a long journey unto itself.
danette said…
I admit too, when I saw the words "soul mission in life" I had a case of "energy down."

I am just starting day 7 right now, (9:30pm) but wasn't really looking forward to it. It is a jump. I kinda just want to watch t.v.

Or, put together bookcases even.
Anonymous said…
Danette and I are in the same head space! I dont' want to participate in this day. You're seems to daunting for day 7. I need more time before I tackle such a subject!
ELLIE said…
so true - it is a major leap -
take all the time you need - it does seem a huge question only to be answered in one day!!
I hope you get your bookcases done!!
Beautiful Witch said…
I agree with everyone else, it is a big leap. But I liked it - it reminds us that while we are starting small with one drawer, we are really aiming high. This is an interesting journey. I was tapped out energy wise yesterday and could barely be bothered. But this big task has rejuvenated me! Here's to a happy week for water. :)
Jamie said…
Knowing what you're not here for is powerful too!
Sacred Suzie said…
I agree, I felt like it was too much too soon. I'm still not happy with the answer either.

Perhaps we are here for grapes? But NOT bookcases.

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