Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 6


Day 6 - Lightening Up - Letting Go While Doing More Clutter-Clearing

The above is a work in process and hopefully a 'before' of what will later have an awesome 'after' shot. I'm thrilled we are still on decluttering!

Today I did this huge switcharoo deal of 'the bookcases'. Both my sisters (Hi Suzie & Jamie!) know of this. Back at the end of the summer my Mom said she was looking for short depth bookcases to put in her closet. I had some, and for the most part would be happy with taller bookcases in the same place. She suggested buying tall ones, getting them to me and then I could give her my small ones. Sounds simple right? My schedule (and space) have both been jam packed and neither of us has a car. But after some time and help from one of my Mom's friend it actually all happened.

In the process of clearing the bookshelves, I had an opportunity to clear out a bunch of stuff (still a work in process though). I can't tell you how much I was filled with joy as I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I'm moved several times and never really liked in the first place. Actually this was mostly foodstuffs that got green'd and packaging that was recycled. All that and saving the planet too!

But that wasn't actually the task of the day. When I read todays section in the book I looked at the options of Level I, II or III and I actually kinda cheated. The one that popped out the most to me was Level II - make time in your schedule to relax. I didn't pick Level I becuase I didn't really want to do chair & stare strangly. But I didn't actually do Level II either. I did, however, acknowledge something cool. I am a chronic over scheduller. I honestly don't have a free day in November except the day that I wrote in all caps on my daytimer "Do not schedule anything today!" But, earlier this week I hung out with some of my new film buddies, one for coffee and the other for lunch. I was shocked at how the energy of this wasn't a 'another thing to do' kinda thing, but was totally invigorating. I left with new ideas, possibilities, hunches, suggestions and the invitation to do both again - and soon. I actually gained energy spending time in this way. And, I had fun and fabulous company - totally cool!

My cat appears to like decluttering

Affirmation of the Day:

"I am safe and centred no matter where I am"

Initial response: Ok.
YAY! Finally a non grr or huh? reaction to the affirmation!

Every journey is unique. See them all at The Next Chapter here.



Kavindra said…
Cats love to help with any sort of change - except changing the litter box.

And isn't it nice when you immediately take to the days affirmation?
Jamie said…
Yay to the good feeling that comes with letting go of stuff you don't like or want.

And what an awesome discovery about spending time with friends - a definite energy-upper!

I love that picture of Gobo. He looks curious about what's going to happen next :)
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh Shannon I just love your SC posts! I'm so happy that the stress over getting the bookcases to your place is now over. That you were OK with the decluttering. That Gobo is just the cutest. That you had some spontaneous fun time and are reconsidering overs cheduling your time. That you loved time with your friends, yay! Sounds like a good day to me.

The recipe that made me smile the most was the sugar cookie recipe. That's gotta be one of the oldest in our family's cookbook and I love that you have the original book we used to use!
Genie Sea said…
I love how your cat is getting into the whole process. His expression looks like he is saying "Anything I can do to help? Something you need me to walk on or explore?" heh :)
Romana Mirza said…
I applaud you for the scheduling the fun time, it's new to me and it's wonderful to know someone has gone before me, I'll look to this post for inspiration.
Anonymous said…
Rock on Shannon!
I just love reading your posts. They are so honest and straight to the point.
Clutter clearing opens up fabulous energy, eh?

I'm so glad you enjoyed relaxing outings with your friends.
Anonymous said…
P.S. I keep forgetting to mention that I LOVE your black & white tile floor - so cool!!!

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