Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 5


With it being air week and all I was mildly looking forward to headed out to my old (suburban - sigh) stomping grounds where the air is always cleaner, clearer and brighter. Low and behold not so much today. First, as I headed out in the morning there was clearly a skunk somewhere in the near vicinity recenty (hey, I noticed - that itself is a good sign, right?). But, the kicker is when I finally got out to this suburban area, it was a complete construction wasteland. It looks like what was once a gas station was being transformed into something. So, not only does it take forever to get there, the one thing I was looking forward to was quashed. Good thing I had a good book with me!

So, the task of the day for use Level I's was to theoritically or literally pick up items and notice if they bring our energy up or down. Of course good intentions and the need to clear more clutter with with me today but here at almost 10:30pm and with other commitments overriding I haven't done this.

To be fair, I've moved many times in the past several years and almost feel like I don't have much more to give up. Sure, there are scattered newspapers and the occasional book or film that I've consumed that I'm ready to pass on. But, overall what I'm left with is a-ok and I rarely buy anything unless I quite like it so it doesn't feel like there is much low energy around. That being said I know tomorrow and the weekend will definitely have some decluttering time.

As for today's affirmation:

"Fresh, invigorating energy files my life"

To which I noted "OK".

YAY! Finally one I don't fuss and mutz about!

How was your Day 5?

A long, dark, concrete tunnel to almost nowhere.

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Jamie said…
When I saw that first picture, the pole in it made me think for a moment it was a triptych. Well, I guess a diptych. (Who came up with that word?)

I guess one bright side of the construction wasteland is it's leading to transformation. But it's still noisy, smelly and ugly. What a drag!

You're right though - there's value in the noticing!
peppylady said…
It took me a while learn to see what I got done.
If I got over 80% done I felt it was a good day.

Coffee is on.
Genie Sea said…
I guess the whole world is de-cluttering! Awesome that you had a book to escape into. :)
It's liberating to only keep things you love, that way everything has positive up meaning! :)

Rock on!

Jamie- Diptych is Greek. :)
Sacred Suzie said…
I was so excited to see our old neighbourhood here in your post but wow, that construction is crazy.

I've been focusing more on organizing my stuff and less on letting it go, would that work?

I'm glad this day was a tad easier and I totally didn't do my commitment, too tired from all that decluttering.

Very cool subway pic to nowhere Shannon!
Thanks for the thoughtful comments ladies! Overall it was a pretty energetic day but by the end of it I was so done I needed my book!

Organizing would work Suzie! Hopefully the next few days will be about that because I'll actually have the time and the need to do it!
Shannon said…
Oops, I posted as the 'wrong' me.. hehe.

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