Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 4

I gotta say, I'm feeling more than slightly resistant today. I'm miffed I didn't declutter yesterday. Really, I could have found 15 minutes - there isn't really any excuse. Of course I can always declutter later, there will always be more clutter.

Even though I read the Day 4 passage this morning and carted around my affirmation written down in my back pocket ("I love and accept who I am... and who I am is enough"), I really wasn't feeling it today. My normally yakity yak stream of consiousness inner voice was surprizingly quiet today. Even when I consciously said to myself "Ok, what I am I thinking about" I didn't even hear critckets - it's really bizarre.

I could be that we are still in the finding out "who I am" stage. I've never had a problem knowing who I am. I've known since before I could talk, and when I did talk I probably said "I'm Shannon! Who are you?".

I'm gonna keep trucking along. We shall see what unfolds as the days march on.

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My inner voice has nothing to say other than Go Away! :)


Sacred Suzie said…
OMG Shannon, what a memorable and expressive photo! I think your ego has gone into hiding and listening to the crickets with you. It knows you're watching and it doesn't want to be found. That's OK, one step at a time. Just listening is a huge deal.

I loved the dinner BTW, thank you so much!
Genie Sea said…
Love the photo! SO full of determination! Sometimes, when there is so much to say or think, quiet descends to put an order to the chaos. Breathe! :)
danette said…
That photo rocks!

I love that you play along even when you don't feel like it. I totally forgot about the affirmation today. Writing it and carrying it with you is a great way to let things emerge as the day carries on, not just when you are sitting down to whip off 15 minutes of Soul Coaching work.

I have a really packed day tomorrow, so I think I will try that too.

Man, I love that photo.
Anonymous said…
lmao! I love that pic of you - it's worth a thousand words!
Maybe quiet is a good thing. It's different from who you usually are so maybe it's part of your process.

Or maybe because "you've never had a problem knowing who you are"...I love that.
("I've known since before I could talk and when I did talk, I probably said "I'm Shannon! Who are you?")....LOVE IT!!!!!
Jamie said…
Way to observe what's going on with that inner voice - and illustrating it too :)
Gemma said…
Great Photo!!!

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