Soul Coaching: Week One, Day 3

I took this on November 1st when I was thinking about air as a concept, and how it could be photographed. I came up with that you needed to show things around it to prove that it was there, or that air wasn't where the things were themselves. All in all it looks like crossed wires, which feels rather fitting.

Woohoo for clearing clutter day. I like a task like this and I do intent to attend to it later today.

Progress on other stuff - I kept with my avoid I committed to yesterday, but I did cave and bought some other crap food. It was one of those days.

Affirmation of the day: "There is clarity within and around me"

Initial thoughts: Even though fog? Is clarity tangible? Does it penetrate through depth perception?

I actually have been thinking about this all day and I do believe it, but it feels like for the wrong reason. I wish I could say I saw happy things and went Yes! Clarity! Me likey! But no, it was the reverse for the most part with things popping up in front of me going "You don't wanna go there girl" or "This isn't a place for you". Are these good things to know? Of course. But, it made for quite the draining day.

Ok - was just about to declutter when realized I had nowhere to put the decluttered stuff, and that there was nothing in that area to recycle/throw out it was all already organized. Then, I thought I would pay my bills cuz that is a similar to decluttering - but nothing was actually due. Harmph. I going to check through and update my to do list to declutter my brain. Then I'm calling it a night for anything that could be considered productive, other than leveling my Bright Wizard or Rune Priest in Warhammer.

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Sacred Suzie said…
Brain decluttering is good too Shannon! I know that until recycle day comes, I am hesitant to do more decluttering myself.

I suppose the clarity issue helps us in that we see the negatives instead of ignoring them so we can tackle them. We can't change what we ignore. Still, it sucks when there are so many challenges!

I love the air pic. You can feel the autumn air within it, very cool!
Jamie said…
That picture is brilliant! I love the juxtaposition of the tree and the manmade 'tree.' Cool!

Way to avoid the avoid!

I hope some yumminess shows up amidst all the crappy drainishness.

Um, wow, I feel like we're speaking another language here. I hope you understood what I said :)
Beautiful Witch said…
Sometimes despite our best efforts, it just doesn't seem to be the day to do something. It sounds like this was one of those days for you. I think the great thing is that you kept trying and that you're still on the journey. It's easy to show up when everything is going great. It is much harder when things are going ho-hum! Good for you. :)

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