Soul Coaching - Week One, Day 2


Ok, I can see this process will be more of a challenge during a daylighting day. My original idea was to wake up early to read the chapter. Haha. That might have worked if I didn't wake up for a few hours in the middle of the night. Also, I'm not a morning person anyway and 'wake up earlier' sounds not like me at all.

So, I read the Week One, Day 2 stuff on the bus. No journalling about it (yet!) and now, 14 hours laters I only really remember the affirmation:

"I honour my commitment to myself and others"

First thoughts - Um, year I do that.
Second thoughts - Well, I do that with others
Third thoughts - not loving the term 'honour', feels too heavy or regulated

I feel more comfortable with "I meet my commitments to others" and I would be lying if I said I do this with myself but today I have so far.

'Air' stuff - not really focused on that, although those hours through the night there was a lot of 'clearing' done so maybe that is the connection there. I'm not one to breathe deeply and such.

I'm going with Level I today and considering its' 10pm and I know what I'm doing for 1 of the 2 hours left in the day any of the time constraint ones is setting me to not-understanding / feeling overwhelmed mode. I'm going to do one of the avoids instead, and I hope I make it through 27 days of not picking up breakfast like noted below. I fell back into this pattern recently and it's really bad! Especially when I actually made something healthy to eat as alternative!

That's the insight for today! How was your day?

Want to know more about Soul Coaching through The Next Chapter? Check out The Next Chapter website here.



danette said…
hey Shannon,

Way to go on showing up and carving out your own path through this. I too have been slipping on really noticing the air...except at night when my allergies are driving me nuts.

May your breakfast tomorrow be that of champions. :)
Sacred Suzie said…
I think working with avoids is an interesting approach and eating healthy is definitely a way to clear and cleanse our bodies. I find by avoiding the bad stuff, we intuitively find the good stuff. At least I hope so!

I read today's segment last night so I could come up with a game plan for today, LOL. I am not good at spontaneity! Whatever works for us, works.
Shannon said…
Happy to say I met my avoid today already - woohoo!

I'm with ya on the allergies Danette, I feel like I notice my breathing only because its a little off - but for me it always is.

Hehe, reading the segment in advance sounds like a smart idea Suzie, you can definately think about it on a subconsious level. I'm a little stumped on when to read, experience, post for each day. I think during the week it will be reading in the am, doing throughout the day and then posting at night but I will see what evolves!
Jamie said…
I love the name of that category: "the avoids." It's time for me to declutter some avoids and say no to the remainder of the Halloween candy!
Beautiful Witch said…
I'm also on the Level 1 path to avoid being overloaded this week. I am working on not judging myself for that (I work full time, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo, I'm finishing up two assignments for school, blah, blah blah). I think we're all just doing GREAT for showing up! As I said to someone else, it's easy to show up when you feel like everything is going smoothly and well. It's harder to show up if the road is feeling bumpy!

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