Soul Coaching - prep day!


I've decided to embark on the journey of going through the 28 day process of Soul Coaching by Denise Linn with fellow bloggers at The Next Chapter (for the 30 days of November), headed by my sister Jamie.

It took me a while to decide whether I would jump in on this as phrase that I've constantly been saying over the past several months have been:
"I don't feel like I have enough time"
"I'm so tired"
"I have so much to do!"
"My to do list is outta control!"

When I was at the bookstore browsing through the book I found a few things quickly and easily such as:

"Who Can I Fit the Program into My Busy Life?" - Level 1 is 15-30 minutes a day p.8
As well as that the first week is about getting organized, on top of things and responding to overdue items.

That hooked me. What a rockin' way to start and to match up overwhelmedness to a new project. With that, I tucked the book under my arm and on the way to the cash register spotted beautiful and reasonably priced journals on the way there. I've read the "What is Soul Coaching" chapter and have decided on my intention which is:

My intention is to seek clarity of vision

I've still got my sacred contract to make and altar to create, to be done today or tomorrow.

Who is Shannon?
A little about me for those whom don't know me or haven't seen me for a while. I started Planet Shannon back in January 2006, with no particular intention however most of the first year was dedicated to my 101 things in 1001 days (which is up in 1 month!). Most of my online time is spent at my film blog Movie Moxie, which means I haven't been posting here much which is something that feels like it about to change. I hope you enjoy the worlds in which I live - feel free to visit!

Only a few weeks ago my place was so clean, neat and tidy (which is unusual but not unwelcome!) It's definitely time to get organized and free of clutter! Bring on week one.



Jamie said…
It's awesome to have you on the Soul Coaching journey. May it bring you precisely what you're looking for and more!
Sacred Suzie said…
OMG Shannon! I am so super excited that you are doing Soul Coaching, we did not discuss this when I was in T.O. This is going to rock!

Plus, I'm so happy you're writing here again too. I know you're crazy busy (personal witness to the truth of that statement) but I love seeing your personal planet and seeing what's going on.
pen* said…
thanks for sharing the pictures shannon! it looks so familiar: much like my world!
Anonymous said…
I know I relate to the clutter bug, that is a big challenge for me in the coming week. I am excited for you and what you may find for yourself. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself as well, that was awesome!
danette said…
I look forward to spending some time on Planet Shannon this month! Like Suzie I love your Movie Moxie Magnificence but also enjoy a peek at your personal planet.

Did that sound dirty? Maybe it was the word "peek". Well, you know what I mean.

Romana Mirza said…
Welcome Shannon - I'm endeavouring to overcome the same "I'm too busy demons" - let's support each other through it! Romana
Kelly said…
Glad you decided to come aboard this journey!! I look forward to hearing more about your clarity and vision...
Serena said…
Hi Shannon,

I identify with quite a lot of things you said. This month is going to prove very interesting, I think. I'm glad to be sharing the ride with you.
Katie said…
Yay for you Shannon! I love a good mess and am used to living in one, however, if I want my life to change I have to start doing things that I'm "used" to. I wish you a great November!!
CelticBuffy said…
The cumulation of clutter is one of the things I want to change in my life also. Here's to changing it together!
Anonymous said…
I am bowing down to you.
I absolutely LOVE those pics - I feel SO much better now - lol
Thanks for sharing!
Shannon said…
Thank you so much for all the comments! I am glad to see there are other clutterbugs out there and we most certainly will get through this together!

I look forward to hearing all the journeys in the days to come.

I'm happy to be posting here at Planet Shannon again - with the dirt, clutter and all!

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